Thursday, October 13, 2005

The dying garden

A sunflower that has been picked clean by the Goldfinch. A sure sign that autumn is here. Now, mind you, I never planted any of the sunflowers that grow in the garden. They all come from the birdfeeders!

Jens Monk is an old rose that blooms continuously from early spring till the first frost. So far, we have been fortunate, and have not hit that 32 degree mark!

Still a few tomatoes on the vine. Not too bad for the middle of October!

One of the saddest sights around my house is the garden this time of year. With everything dead or dying, with only the faintest thought of what will be alive again in the spring, it is hard to imagine that there will once again be life in the garden.
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HomemakerAng said...

yes...good bye summer days, lazy, friends with easy schedules and even the garden! Winter can be so NASTY in Michigan!!!!

HomemakerAng said...

not meaning goodbye to you my dear! I meant how we had more time to junk and stuff :)

savvycityfarmer said...

I am putting my garden to bed today. Started yesterday but the threat of rain drove me inside. I did mange to harvest quite a few seeds, my favorite accomplishment in the garden...always think of you while tilling the soil.