Saturday, November 19, 2005


Walkin in a winter wonderland? Yep, winter may not have officially begun, but it definitely sent a message that it is on it's way! We had about 5-6 inches of the white stuff fall this week, with more predicted for this next week! Lovely to look at, ungodly to drive in, work in, wait for the bus in, get the picture! No worries...just what, 5-6 months from now, it will all be gone and we will once again be living in the land of Oz.
Happy holidays!
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Platonicus Booknutticus said...

You're a blogger too! Good Lord, if it's like this amongst people I know, I can only imagine how it must be catching on around the globe. I need a late pass.

WE had the first flurries in the city two days agao. My nose froze while waiting for the bus. The wind in chicago is a scientific impossibility. It comes from every direction at once.

cityfarmer said...

cyn, she was a blogger long before any of us thought about it