Friday, February 17, 2006


Here is an old photo of my dad and his father, my Pepere. This was taken maybe 3 years before my Pepere passed away into Glory. He got born-again just months before he died. After he got saved, there was no stopping him! He would call his daughter, my Aunt Janet, (who led him to the Lord), and tell her to come over and bring her Bible...he had someone he wanted her to talk to! He didn't feel comfortable in presenting the gospel to them, but he knew Janet could do a good job! And she did...for his few remaining months on this earth, she was able to lead many of my Pepere's friends to the Lord! Now we are praying for the same kind of miracle for my dad. And Aunt Janet is still in the picture...wooing dad with the Word of God. May the Holy Spirit continue His job of drawing dad to salvation!
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