Sunday, April 23, 2006


Farmfirl Cyn and her favorite (nah...they're ALL her favorites!) sis-in-law, Shaan Camille...aka...Shamille. Ain't she pretty?

Farmgirl Cyn
Four of my sis-in-laws, 2 of my bro-in-laws, and Phil, with Farmgirl Cyn front and center. Now, mind you, Farmgirl doesn't mind being front and center, but when photo's are being taken, it's where they always put her, as Cyn stands only 5' tall...on a good day!

Farmboy Pete
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cityfarmer said...

I want I want I want some of what's in that glass.
Soooooon this will be you and me the savvy and the farmer in the photo.
You look maaaahvelous dahling!!!

cityfarmer said...

Lest I forget, Pete, you're too cute for words...and you're "the bomb" builder!!!