Monday, April 17, 2006


Here is my Jens Monk rose. She blooms from spring till the first frost with the most incredibly fragrant, pink roses! I am glad to see her back!

AAAAHHHH! Feverfew! It grows everywhere! I had some years ago I gave to dear friend, Joy. We then built the farmhouse, and sadly, had to leave every bit of Feverfew at the old house. (it was January...couldn't find the feverfew if my life depended on it!) Enter dear friend, Joy...with the much beloved Feverfew. Now it was she who was passing it on to me! Reaping and sowing...gotta love it! The flowers on Feverfew are little white, daisy-ish beauties, which, when cut, last for days in a nosegay in the house. So happy they're back, and multiplying, too!!!

Garage sale fever has hit, and I got the bug real bad! Here are my treasures from last week. Old, chippy, and ever so ugly. My favorite kind of junk! I do believe the new henhouse might have a place for these...right over the main door?? We shall see.

And last, but certainly not least...the Garden Gnome. Loved by many. Feared by some. This particular little fellow is my new garden buddy. He lies at the foot of the front porch steps, just waiting to see who will be gracing our home next. Found in a quaint little shop in the ghetto of the Westside, run by the sweetest kindred spirit, and her friend. Certainly a place I will be going back to, as you can see by his photo what fine company they keep!
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cityfarmer said...

Oh I could write a book. We have the memories don't we???
The garage sale pile beckons me to your yard. Starting to look like "salvage one" over there across the lake.
We WILL hit the jackpot at Mahnke's in a few weeks. I will be privvy (sp) to catch a glimpse tomorrow. Chandeliers are high on my list and she has them, can't wait.
And oh the garden structure. Of course, since we all have the same taste, it all fits!!!!

HomemakerAng said...

oh yes, i have met the garden gnome and i do fear him, but with a healthy respect. he also fears my high heels...

LOVE THE JUNK for the hen house! The girls will have a shabby chic place, just like you!

I am ever so greatful for the dinner! i needed your encouragment so much today!