Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Now, of course, THIS is not the ONLY reason Farmgirl Cyn fell for Farmboy...but it didn't hurt...if you know what I mean!! Now, obviously, this photo was taken many years ago...I believe it was 1973...but let me tell you...Farmboy still retains that certain charm that melted my heart nearly 37 years ago. The pounds may come and the pounds may go (with a LOT more effort than it took over 30 years ago, I might add!!!) but the LOVE still remains. Just lucky, one might say. I SAY "NO!!!" Emphatically, "NO!!" No luck involved. Just the pure, sweet, grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Without divine intervention, we would be just another divorce statistic, and our children would be in the healing lines of the local church. (if in church, at all). Thanks be to God, who sent His only, begotten Son, to set us free. And we are free, indeed. Thank you, Father, for Jesus. Thank you Jesus, for bleeding. Thank you Spirit, for leading us to the BLOOD!
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HomemakerAng said...

i am scared of him! know what i mean!

cityfarmer said...

Did they have the ab cruncher back in those days.
What gym were you a member of?