Wednesday, May 17, 2006


No offense to Canon, probably the most widely known camera in our country, BUT...after being exposed to their digital camera for about 3 weeks, I have about had it. THANK GOD my trusty Kodak came back from the repair shop (in there thanks to my child/children who managed to drop it and screw up the auto focus, no one knows for sure who did the dirty deed, but rest assured, IT WAS NOT MOM!!!)). The Canon, that Best Buy allowed me to purchase, with the condition that they would allow it to return to their inventory without the mandatory re-stock charge, as soon as my Kodak was back, proved to be more complicated than it was worth. For any of you wanting the ultimate in EASY, my Kodak is the choice! I could have cried when I got the call from Best Buy that it was repaired and waiting for me! DISCLAIMER: I ABSOLUTELY HATE THOSE WARRANTIES THAT THEY OFFER YOU EVERY TIME YOU BUY A PRODUCT. HOWEVER.....I ALWAYS PURCHASE ONE, AS THEY HAVE COME IN EVER SO HANDY.
Seems to me, if their product is SO good, they ought to offer a really excellent warranty to begin with!!!! Until then, I will continue to add anywhere from $30 to $100 to every purchase, just to insure I get what I am already paying for!
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