Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ave and Kearstin off to camp!

Ave and one of her bestest (since Ave was 5 years old)friends, Kearstin, are leaving for church camp tomorrow. The two of them will be competing in the Nationals there with a duet called "How deep the Fathers love for us". They sound incredible together. Pray for them as this is the 1st time Ave has ever competed...she actually is taking the place of another girl who isn't going to camp, so she just learned the song this past week. I digitally video taped them practicing this morning, but I have no idea how to load it to Blogger. Boo hoo.

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cityfarmer said...

OOOOOh that was so sweet.
My vote is in.
They win.

I see big potential.
You should bring Ave with you to see A. sing!!!

Ajoyna01 said...

Awesome, awesome job! What a great song! They sound great!

Amanda said...

WOW, that was GREAT! What a sweet sweet song!

cityfarmer said...

How's things?
Is Ave havin fun?
Missing ya!!!