Friday, June 02, 2006


A baby rose, bought 2 years ago for $1.00

Jens Monk, my shrub rose. Blooms from now till first frost. The only care she demands is "dead-heading", and pickin off the japanese beetles. I take pleasure in knockin them off my beautiful roses and into a bucket of soapy water. Death to the japanese beetles!

A shot of my Jens in bloom. Taken this afternoon. Wait a couple weeks...there will be more pink than green showing!

My dear "Constance Spry", just beginning to open up, bought for me by my dear friend, Marlene, as part of our housewarming present 5 years ago. We picked out Constance because that was my dear mothers name. Sadly, she blooms only once in the spring, but does it so magnificantly, that it is worth the one-time showing!

disclaimer: for some unknown reason, the dates on my photos are from over 2 years ago! NOT SO! I took these this afternoon!!!
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cityfarmer said...

There you are dear friend. I'm so inspired by the photos.
The dew is still on the roses.
And His Word is a lamp.
Bless you.

Mindy said...

aWhat beautiful rsoes! Hope this finds you well...enjoy your day!!

Anonymous said...

Love your photos! You are a true farmgirl!!!


Pat ;}