Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Farmcat Kissy Girl

Here is my farmcat, Kissy. We are thinking we have had her for maybe 10 years. She is our best "mouser/birder" out of the 3 cats. Not that we want her be killing off our birds...but the rodent part we sure do appreciate!

I can't believe I caught her in her "mouser" pose! She is really the one cat out of the three that belongs to me. She sleeps at my feet, and when I am out on the porch in the wee morning hours, it is Kissy, not Farmboy, keeping me company, all snuggled up next to me. When she meows, it sounds as if she is saying "hellooooowww"!
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1 comment:

Ajoyna01 said...

I remember when you brought Kissy home and her friend Hissy or was it Pissy I can't remember. Time flies....