Thursday, June 29, 2006


The day has FINALLY come!!! We have hens! Pete is trying to coax them into the chicken run...
no such luck!

I did my best to catch one for a picture! Those little guys are fast!

Hen house door...with a bit of vitnage tacked on!

The far un-named...until Ave gets home from camp on Sat.

One of our Isa Browns on her perch.

The girls...7 Isa Browns and 3 Aracaunas.
The birthing process has actually taken many years...I think I have always been a farmgirl at heart. My mom used to say I was born in the wrong century...but I thank God I am here "for such a time as this..." When raising a few hens is for MY enjoyment, rather than a fact of life and a way to put meat and eggs on the table.

FINALLY....out in the fresh air!

Sam has been looking forward to this day! He thinks chickens are for chasing!!!
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cityfarmer said...

Listen to your mama now, for Pete's sake. ooops Pete would be so proud.

cityfarmer said...

Love the architectural touches.
Very chic-y shabby