Friday, June 16, 2006


This here beautiful dark pink rose is supposedly my "Sharifa Asma", 'an English Rose of rare delicacy and beauty. Soft pink in color, with a touch of gold at the base of the petals', or so says David Austin. You tell me...does THIS rose look "soft pink with a touch of gold at the base of the petals"???
I have had Sharifa for perhaps 6 or 7 years, bought from an extremely reputable nursery, and have NEVER seen her bloom this color! Can anybody tell me...what's up with that????
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songtaeyi said...

It's not a mutant-it is just a "sucker" that was allowed to grow from the rootstock to which the hybrid was bud grafted. It is a once a year bloomer, grown mostly for rootstock on the Westcoast, pretty tough, but not especially desirable from an everblooming cottage garden standpoint. The name of the rootstock is Dr. Huey, an old variety, if you want to look up the variety and compare it to your flowers. Most people prune it out.