Thursday, July 20, 2006


The "girls" had their first foray outside of their coop this evening. We let them out for about 45 min., until one found a piece of dried up glue, which she ran around with, defying any of the other girls to take it away. We chased her around, in the hopes that she would just drop the glue, but no...she ate it. We can only hope she passes it with no difficulty. Dumb chickens. They will eat anything.
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patsy said...

I like your chickens, yeah i don't know that a laser would hurt the eggs but i am sure it wont do them any good. did you know that since 2001 we have been growing gentic corn in this country, they spliced a gene in the seed so that insects wouldn't bother the corn. they claimed it would's cross polient with our garden corn but some people think that it has and they also think that it might destroy the corn growing in our country. if you go to google and type in genitic corn you can read about what they have done.i saw on tv the other day that they are storing seeds from all crops in a cave in Iceland in case of a world wide crop failure. who knows what the guys in our labs have done.

patsy said...

by the way the glue wont hurt the chicken.

HomemakerAng said...

atleast your eggs should stick together better... tee hee!
what is that birthdate again you youngster?

your favorite younger daughter said...

You seriously need to update like NOW!
Love your quiet and loving daughter...