Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The "first-fruits" from the garden...a cucumber!
Plenty more where that came from.
There are zucchini and summer squash, ripe for the pickin. Tomatoes that are weeks away from being edible. Winter squash that will be literally months before being ready to harvest. And peppers that are barely beginning to bear fruit. Thank God for the Fulton Street Farmers market, where last Saturday I loaded up on organic tomatoes, lettuce, swiss chard, and eggplant!
What feasting there was! The tomatoes were incredible. I can only hope...
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Amanda said...

I love the Fulton Street Farmers Market. As I sit here at my desk, I'm eatting some cherries from my visit on Saturday! WE LOVE IT, and the kids love going! Nice to have others that enjoy it just as much!

cityfarmer said...

there are so many posts about food lately...always when I'm hungry.

I can't wait to sink into some mouthwatering veggies maybe with a lovely balsamic vinagrette.

Stay cool.

HomemakerAng said...

i am missing seeing updates on the girls! hope they are well and see you in the A.M.

goodnight at 915pm

long day