Wednesday, August 23, 2006


What you see here is the result of hours, yes, I say, hours, of prep and canning time. We, my sis in law Kelly and I, canned 38 quarts of dill pickles between 4pm yesterday, and 6 pm today. (the gal at the farmers market said a bushel would yield about 24 quarts...)

And here are 14 quarts of spicy, pickled, green peppers.(the heat comes from 3/4 of a sliced halapeno). So yummy, alongside almost any meal. I hadn't canned these in probably 20 years, and my original recipe actually had me put the jars in the oven for 20 min, instead of water bath! Not this time!

Do we look HAPPY????

more to follow, as we have BIG plans
peach jam
applesauce (recipe from
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gina kaverman said...

ginakavyummy! I hope you plan on sharing those with your favorite daughter.
Let me know when they're finished brewing. Like we dont talk everyday anyway. I'll nag you until they're done. thanks mom, thanks aunt Kelly love you,Gina. (smiley face)

HomemakerAng said...

yummy!!!!! yum!

Aunt Jenny said...

They look wonderful!! I am in canning mode here too...someone dropped off a grocery bag of green beans at my kitchen door today ( gotta love those neighbors!) and a friend brought over a big bag of corn too...I will be freezing the corn (on the cob) tomorrow and canning up the green beans in pints. I canned a bunch in quarts last time and I like to have both sizes on hand.
Your pickled peppers sound so good. I did pickled pepper rings..with anahiem and banana peppers mixed. We all love them here on sandwiches. My peppers are doing great this year...all but the bell peppers which are slow slow slow.
I lOVE the pic of you two in your aprons!!

Wildside Musing said...

My, that's a lot of work there! But you are still smiling, good sign! ;-)

meresy_g said...

Those look so good. So it's bell peppers with a little hot pepper for zing....and what else? Is it just vingar and water or do you add garlic or anything? How nice to open a jar of those in January.

Run Around Paris said...

Ooooh, we can too - hot peppers. What a job though, huh? The cutting, the seasoning, the sealing...makes me tired - and hungry.
I just put your link on my blog.
Take care!

Mindy said...

One word...yum!! I have fond memories of my Mema and I canning when I was a little girl! Enjoy your day...

cityfarmer said...

Oooooh I can almost smell the dill weed... brings back memories of Monroe St. and the farmer's market.

kansasrose said...

wiping the drool...hat's off to these authentic 100% genuine farmeresses canning queens! Love these pics and the aprons and the beaming and proud canning divas! My turn is coming this weekend! Canning fevah has struck! Everything looks mouthwatering!

FarmgirlCyn said...

I cored and sectioned green peppers, added 1/2 to 1 whole sliced halapeno. Bring to boil: 1/2 gal vinegar, 1/2 gal water, 1 teas. salt, 2 Tabl. black pepper, 1 cup olive oil
Pour over peppers, leaving 1" head space. Water bath for 20 min.
May eat immediately, as they were hot and spicy the very next day.
Next time I may add garlic cloves....a bit of garlic never hurt anybody!

cityfarmer said...

I can alomost taste the applesauce from those Paula Reds... will we see in the fall?
You know how we are (you and me) are in the changing of of the seasons.

cityfarmer said...

I really do know how to spell "almost"
the word "you" should also be inserted.

Alanna said...

38 quarts ... oh my ... my aching back, just thinking of such a feat! I hope there were lots of laughs!!

Cindy said...

Canning always makes me feel good, tired, but good! It's been a few years since I've gone canning crazy, just isn't the same without mom around. Next year will be a canning crazy year! I'm already planning my garden!

monique said...

Yummy!!!!You sure did a lot of work.
I also love to can.It's a lot of work but when everything is put away on the shelves it's very rewarding.