Friday, August 18, 2006


Yup, FarmgirlCyn got a pretty, new Tiffany blue dress!
and her hubby, Don, spent the past 7 days with us, and since Don is a computer tech, and I needed some computer teching, he graciously spent several hours giving my blog a whole new look! I happened to have a Tiffany's box from a bracelet given to me by my dear friend, Darlene, for my 50th birthday, 3 years ago. Don matched it up perfectly for the new background color! Then he took the Rhode Island Red photo, taken at my Memere's and Pepere's small farm in Pawtucket, R.I., sized it up, added pretty letters and a border, and...

check out
Don was able to work on some SWEET changes for her, also!
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HomemakerAng said...

yes yes I LOVE IT!!! love the hen house too!!!wonderful!

kansasrose said...

This is so beautiful!

kansasrose said...

Joy's blog is gorgeous! I love that pastel violet and the toile or oriental looking header! Elegant! Any chance I could hire Don to make a new "dress" for my blog? I am so impressed! This Kansas farmgirl needs some color! :)