Sunday, August 06, 2006


I was 2 years behind Pete in school, so by the time we were dating, he had just graduated. He was happy to oblige when I wanted to go to my high school dances, tho. Here we are, going to Homecoming 1969.

I believe this was Sweetheart Swirl, 1971

Sweetheart Swirl, 1970

It's fun, once in a while, to walk down memory lane. I'm just glad I don't live there!
Life really began for us when we got born again, then filled with the Holy Ghost in 1978. First me, in Feb., then Pete in May.
I will always be grateful to the Lord for bringing Pete into the Kingdom so quickly after me. He knew I would need him!
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monique said...

Thank you for writing such a nice comment at my blog. I have spend some time reading your blog it's wonderful!

cityfarmer said...

Still counting!!!

You are sooooooo cute.

Mindy said...

Great pics Cyn!!! I was filled with the Holy Spirit about 14 years ago, and my life has never been the same!!! Awesome experience!! Have a great day..and thanks for sharing these precious pics with us...Blessings to you dear..

kansasrose said...

What a darling couple! Memory lane is fun to travel. Thanks for sharing with us!

HomemakerAng said...

Now I know who "S" really looks like! A TWIN TO HUBBY! "B" still cannot figure out how you birthed a boy that big!

Amanda said...

This is such a testament to the power of God in a marriage. What an incredible story!

weirdbunny said...

I'm so pleased you were both brought into the kingdom so close together, how wonderful it happened when you were both so young. I think I was about 25, it was definately after my secind child, and there's no looking back!