Tuesday, August 01, 2006


SO hot here, as is most of the rest of the country. We all gathered at my stepdad's pool yesterday for some cooling off. Here is Krystal, Avery, and grandson, Austin.

Beau likes the pool too.

Keep away, played by all the kids and Pete.

Giselle, just enjoying the cool.
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cityfarmer said...

I think everyone should have had the chance to swim on Sunday.

We had three hours in the sun and then scrambled to get away from a thunderstorm.(see newest post)

Mindy said...

The photos of the pool look so inviting! Its cooled some here, but I think were in for another round (oh no)!!! Enjoy your day..blessings to you and yours..

readersdais said...

hey ! where's this place,it looks so cooool...........,but not as green as our place,but where is this place?

weirdbunny said...

How amazing you have a family pool to use!!!