Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Kelly and I worked on canning peaches this afternoon. I say "afternoon", because all morning is how long it takes to get this kitchen ready to can ANYTHING! Snackin dishes from the night before. Breakfast dishes from this morning. Had to start the makings for supper. You all know the routine!
Sadly, 1/2 bushel of peaches yielded only 12 quarts of canned peaches.
Could this be because the peaches were so darn sweet we could not keep our grubby little paws off of them????
ps by the time we were ready to take this photo, Kelly was up taking a rest. Well deserved, I might add.

As a side note: all our jars were purchased at either Goodwill, or another local thrift store, LOVE IN THE NAME OF CHRIST. For a measly nickel a piece!!!!
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Cindy said...

Awesome!! Canning peaches is my all time favorite thing to can, those and tomatoes. As a teenager I would use mom's canned peaches to make upside down peach cake! Yummy!!

cityfarmer said...

Look at you in your bling bling AND your apron...such a cannin' diva.

Should you have to do those snack dishes? I think not...

Peaches looks tempting...my mom would always save a few fresh ones back for smothering over ice cream on canning night.

HomemakerAng said...

those earings just make canning even more fun! only you...

Amanda said...

They look amazing! I love the apron! Send some on over to Grandville!

Rachel said...

Oh, yummy...so many people are canning this time of year...something to look forward to in the middle of those winter months!

kansasrose said...

You are a doll Cyn! This picture could be a poster for the quintessential farmgirl! Canned peaches in January on shortcakes with whipped cream! YES!

squire said...

The peaches look great. Can I have homemade biscuits with mine. Please

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