Monday, September 18, 2006


French father. Polish mother.
What can I say?
I don't wear a babushka. I don't care all that much for Polish food. (except for kielbasa baked real slow with a can of beer)
I DO like scarves. LOVE Chanel. And Champagne???
So this year, my 14 year old (homeschooled) daughter and I will be taking our 1st year of French, via Power Glide.
And we will be re-creating some authentic French food.
Thanks in part to the inspiration of
And I will dream of one day travelling to Paris.
Hey, it could happen!!
The above photo is Julia Childs "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" Vol. 2 (1970), purchased at a tag sale last year. I am looking at e-bay to purchase Vol. 1. I know from my "French cookbook" reading that her potato leek soup is French simplicity in itself. Potatoes. Leeks. Water. Parsley for garnish. What could be easier?
So, first re-creation.


4 C sliced leeks, white only
4 C diced potatoes, baking type recommended
6-7 C water
salt to taste
1/2 C sour cream, heavy cream, or creme fraiche, optional
1T parsley, minced
Bring leeks, potatoes and water to boil. Salt lightly, simmer 20-30 min.,or until potatoes are tender. Puree soup if you wish. (I used my immersion blender) Add a dollop of any of the creams mentioned to individual bowls. Top each serving with a sprinkle of parsley.

I found the soup to be quite bland, so next time I might add chicken stock in place of the water. Also, I found a sprinkle of crumbled bleu cheese to be just the right amount of salt needed, and added the "oomph" the soup seemed to be missing. (I also added just 1 T. of fat free 1/2 & 1/2 in place of the real deal.) And by the way....isn't "fat free" anything to do with CREAM an oxymoron?????
Do you think Julia would mind?
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cityfarmer said...

Heading home and I was not hungry till I clicked over. Now I guess I'll have to have a snack.

I know...when you come this fall, lets have a soup fest!!!!!.

Julia would be so proud...I used to watch her everyday when A. and N. were little... playing around me on the floor.

homemakerang said...

what a fun project with your girl! very hands on learning goin on over there! good job!

Rosa said...

Love potato soup. Yours looks sooo good, especially with leeks!!

Tam said...

Love this post! I have leeks sitting in my frig right now waiting to be made into leek soup!

Have seen you around and commenting so I thought I'd come to see the whole site!

Oh I like what I've seen!

God bless you!

Yellow Mama said...

Sounds like Julia needed your help with not boring us with a bland soup...but it was spiced up with the touch of French

Susanne said...

This sounds so goood! Going to have to give this a try!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like that "oomph!" And Julia would too.

Anonymous said...

That anon above was Wildside, BTW!

kpjara said...

It looks positively yummy!

homemakersheart said...

I was making Spanish Rice for dinner, but after seeing your soup, I could go for something light. I agree about the chicken stock. I use it to cook my rice or vegi's instead of water. Adds a nice flavor.

Hope your doing well.

kansasrose said...

You and Joy and I MUST have been seperated at birth! This soup looks wonderful! And so comforting on a fall night! I am up for a soup fest girls...I make a mean Beef Bourgeonon ( sp is wrong!) by Ina Garten from her Barefoot in Paris cookbook (take note other French style mavens) What a find...JC Art of French bout you and Joy and I and our daughters going to France together! ( when I have enough saved) There's safety in numbers and wouldn't that be a trip!!!!! LOVE that!!!! The 3 amigofarmergirlsfrom themidwesttakeParis! The City of Light would never be the same! We could use you and Ava for interpreting too! Did you get my email today?

Linda said...

Did you ever read the Julie/Julia Blog-now a book? A girl from Austin, Tx who moved to NYC decided to cook every single recipe in The Art of French Cooking in one year and kept a blog of it. I don't believe it is kept going anymore, but it did to inspire me to try more French recipes instead of plugging along and cooking the same thing all the time. However, you will need MUCH more butter and cream.