Friday, September 22, 2006



If anyone knows what FarmgirlCyn's latest craze is, it would be her local librarians!
Two years ago, when I took up running, there were books coming in weekly on, say, for instance: Running After 40, Run the Distance, Run for Your Life, etc. You get the idea.
Then last winter: KNITTING
And we had: Knit and Bitch Nation, How to Knit, Knit on the Run, Knit for Fun
and so on
When I was looking into the best French language course recently, the librarians became my greatest source of info. Pimsleur, French in a Day, W hy on Earth Would You WANT to Speak French?, etc.
Get the picture?
And now: my latest craze: French cooking
And once again, the librarians can read me like a book (HAD to say it!)
I am getting daily phone messages concerning books coming in that I have ordered thru our on-line library system. And when I get there, they inevitably try to speak with a French accent. Very funny, if you have ever seen my librarians!
And they try to get invited over for dinner.
The library: gotta love it.

ps: I STILL run 4x a week, still knit, am just beginning my Power-Glide French Course, and plan on cooking up a French storm here in the midwest!
Geez-Louise, there is STILL a lot to learn, and a library full of anything I might need to do so.
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Cindy said...

What a gem you are!!

I love to cook but nothing too....'different', a little but not too different. Now that spinach is pulled from everywhere I need to find another healthy 'secret' ingredient to add to my dishes.

Anyway, we are off to the library ourselves, we have interloan things ready for us but nothing as exciting as French cooking!

BTW, we went to our first homeschool group today and we had a great time! We can't wait until next time!

Have a great day Cyn!

cityfarmer said...

going home to check my to you my dear friend!!!!!

homemakerang said...


kansasrose said...

You GO GIRL! ps I thought I was the only one that said "geez-louise"! ha! Another similarity here...

homemakersheart said...

How true! The library is full of so much..and it's free!

Good luck in your new adventure of learning to cook French cuisine. I wish I could taste your samples!

Wildside Musing said...

Hey! This winter I may have a book or two to recommend on this just for fun -- I'm no french cook, but like the lifestyle... And dreamin' on about food...

Sue said...

How fun, french cooking sounds yummy, what's your favorite dish?