Thursday, December 21, 2006


A paper mache boot with original bow and ornaments. Filled with greens and berries.
Found at a tag sale a few years ago for $1.00!!!

Ho Ho old plastic Santa, also found at a tag sale a few years ago. He is supposed to have a light bulb in his innerds to light him up, but I haven't done it. Kind of makes me nervous to have a bulb up his you know what.

A tiny elf holding packages and a candy cane. Found amongst my mom's stuff after she passed away.

The photo is fuzzy, but it is an old ornament found in a box of goodies at an estate sale for a couple of dollars. (the whole box, not just the ornament!) Looks like it was handmade by someones kindergartener!

A pair of wool baby mittens found 2 years ago at an estate sale. Not pictured is the matching scarf, hanging near by. (I like to have, shall we say, "unusual" ornaments on my tree!!!)

A snowman head made by one of my kids a few years ago. A craft project a friend thought of to keep the kids busy one Saturday evening after Thanksgiving.

A sleigh and Santa, handmade by a local man and his father back in the 50's. I bought it at his tag sale. He had a very hard time giving it up.
I had to wrestle him to the ground to get it in my van.
(the man, not the Santa!!)

Lastly...a nativity set, made by my grandmother back in the 80's, when those "ceramic' classes were so popular. She had given it to my mom for Christmas one year, and after my mom passed away I "inherited" it.
(actually, since I knew my stepdad would never set it out again, I "whisked" it away from the abyss of the basement.)
He never missed it, but it is really the most important of all the things I set out for Christmas.
What would CHRISTmas be without CHRIST?


JOHN 3:16
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cityfarmer said...

Well, right back at 'chya darlin...AND where oh where did you get Santa and his sleigh...and why have I not seen or heard anything about this purchase...if you tell me that you already told me then I will know for sure that I'm approaching the mid fifties...

NOT...Oh I would have remembered a story such as this.

I'm all gussied up for Christmas...nails and a "do" tonight at my favorite salon in might say I feel like a new woman...what with a trip to Nordies and all to buy perfume a few weeks ago...

Chat tonight????

Your favorite things are some of my favorite things!!!!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Wonderful favorite things! Love looking at all your great things you make and find. And Amen to the last part :)
Have a lovely Christmas!


Rachel said...

I love it all! Some real treasures there! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Year!

Jean said...

I love all your treasures, especially the mittens on the tree. The Santa and sleigh are super! No wonder they are your favorites, they would be mine too!

Run Around Paris said...

What a nice variety of holiday treasures. I also hope that you and your family have a safe, happy and blessed holiday - you deserve it!


Mimi said...

I like those favorite things, Cyn. Wish I had some of my grandmother's Christmas things: Bubble lights and delicate ornaments with some sort of spun-glass thingies on them.

Oh, and little choir boy candles — I think they were made by Gurley. A friend of mine collects them.

Thanks for the kind words at my site. Ditto!

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh Cyn...cute cute cute things..and what a treasure the nativity is!!
I wish for your family a cozy and blessed Christmas!! You sure deserve it!!

one`blue egg said...

popping in before I 'hit the hay' to say Merry Christmas to you cyn! I love your farm life the photos you've shown here and well...I love your blog! See ya in the New Year*

Cindy said...

They are all so cool but I think my favorite would be the boot!

Katie said...

The best thing about Christmas is going down memeory lane with each bit we unpack. Mon Mari can never understand why it takes me so long to decorate the house....because each item has to be looked at and remembered.

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas Cyn! Thanks for being a great blog buddy! Love you.

Joy said...

I love the boot too! Great pics -thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year my dear, cyber-friend!


p.s. Amen on the last part as well...

Shabby in the City said...

Merry Christmas! Everything looks sweet and nostalgic!

April 1930s said...

Will you let me know when you have your next tag sale? I'd like to buy that Santa yard decoration! :)

Rosa said...

I love everything, especially the little elf and plastic santa. I am always drawn to them. I want to go shopping with YOU!

Anonymous said...

I adore the nativity you have and its sentimental value. I have three nativity sets that I put out every Christmas. I wholeheartedly agree with Jesus is the reason for the season. Thank you for sharing.