Sunday, December 31, 2006


This is usually what my garden looks like in the spring.
THIS is what my garden looks like NOW!!!
Fresh sage, still growing.
Tho, I must admit, I can usually depend on a few leaves all thru the winter.


Can that be FEVERFEW!!!???

And for heaven sakes!!!

Ladyhawk, one of my Aracauna hens, looking for bugs.
In December... with only hours till January.
Winter in the midwest...gotta love it!!!
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Homemakersheart said...

Hi FarmgirlCyn!

It's the same here in south GA. Our grass is growing!!

Rachel said...

Same here in KY too. Our sage is usually available year round as well.

Happy New Year!

Smalltown RN said...

It can't decide what it wants to do here on the westcoast. We have had one storm after another...high winds, snow, winds, rain, you name it. We generally get our snow in January...fasten your seat belts we could be in for a ride.

I love your christmas photos of your family....everyone looks so happy! Hope you have a fantastic New Years....

I will be back to visit soon....cheers

Shabby in the City said...

Yep, I'm watching for the buttercups! Then they'll get their little heads frozen and bow down in embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- sage in winter? Do you do anything special? Mine always dies back...

BTW, you've been tagged over at my blog.

My way of saying "hello!" And Happy New Year!!!

(This is Wildside here as Anon. -- )

Anonymous said...

Correction (just checked):

Mimi said...

It's warm here, but not warm enough for herbs to grow!