Thursday, January 18, 2007


Truly one of the best comfort foods known to man(besides a glass of wine!)...
Turkey noodle soup
We were given a 14# turkey recently and pretty much re-created our Thanksgiving menu on Tuesday.
Lots of leftovers for those that just want a plate of turkey and fixins'....
A steaming bowl of turkey noodle soup!
I choose soup.
To the turkey carcass (not pictured here for obvious reasons...just plain ugly) add maybe 2 gallons of water.
Let simmer for a couple of hours till meat has fallen off the bone.
Remove carcass and add huge bowl of chopped: onions (2), carrots (8 large), and whole bag of chopped celery.
Simmer maybe 1 hour, or till veggies are tender.
Sometimes I will add a bit of Knorr brand Tomato Boullion, and Chicken Boullion, depending on how flavorful the broth is.
At this point I add a qt container of store bought chicken STOCK... not broth...
Homemade noodles go in next...and when they are homemade, they literally take only about 5 minutes till tender, yet chewy.
Homemade noodles are SO easy! If you have never tried them, give it a shot.
Far easier than homemade bread or rolls.

I always make a large pot of matter what kind I am making.
Who doesn't like a bowl at lunch the next day?
And with 6 of us living under one roof...a large pot doesn't last long!
Serve with an easy bread machine/whole wheat roll recipe and it is a meal fit for the coldest of days!
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Lovella said...

I have a pot of farmer sausage corn chowder on the stove right now. What is it about the drizzly days of winter that can only be warmed with a homemade bowl of soup?

Mimi said...

I like to add a sandwich to my soup meal — it takes me back to grade school.

Let's see, with turkey soup, probably a three-cheese grilled thing on maybe onion or pumpernickel bread?

Shabby in the City said...

What time do you want us?

Anonymous said...

oh, you are right on, mimi! I was just going to say that a grilled cheese would go so well!

Wildside Musing said...

In our house, I've found it all goes down much better if I call it "stew"... Hubby says soup is only for sick people and refuses to eat it otherwise! ;-)

Linda said...

Looks great to me. I don't have a turkey carcass but maybe I could do chicken. Great for winter.

Cindy said...

Hi Cyn,

First, yes I know I don't post often and I must start posting more. Finding uninterupted time to do so is my problem, and I only have one child and a hubby! Thanks for checking up on me! :-)

Second, I came here to get the ingredients for the laundry detergent. I just HAVE to try that! I am also going to make chicken noodle (love homemade noodles!) soup on Monday. I am baking extra chicken tomorrow and will use what's left for soup!

Thanks for the great recipes/ideas!

Jean said...

MMMMMMMMM... Looks good! I'll take a hot bowl!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Lovella..recipe to come???
Mimi...Like the Campbells soup jingle from many years ago..."soup and sandwich, soup and sandwich...go together like a horse and carriage...any time or weather...soup and sandwich go together!!!
Shabby...if ONLY er could meet!!!
f2b..come on over!
wildside..or like Rachael it stoup!!!
Linda...chicken is nearly ALWAYS the carcass of choice!
Cindy..good to hear from you...let me know how the soap comes out!
Jean...sounds like a party at Cyn's...come on over and join the group!

Mindy said...

Comfort food for the soul! Looks absolutely delish!!! Nothing like soup when its cold!!
Blessings for a cozy day....

cityfarmer said...

Even Campbells is good on a cold day...HOWEVER...truth be told there's nothing like homemade...and such a wealth of soup recipes...what's a housewife to do????
I once served a soup buffet at a small dinner party...homemade vegetable from pot roast..Cordon Bleu mushroom and wild rice and your famous shrimp/corn potato chowder in a bread bowl....yummy in my tummy.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh -man - this looks so good. I like to add a little olive oil to mine (via sauted garlic) I like the way the "oilies" look floating in the stock!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

That looks good! I made some yellow split pea soup for the first time yesterdy :)