Thursday, January 04, 2007


What is up with this???
I am pretty much getting anywhere from 7 to 9 eggs daily from the 9 hens.
On occasion, this is what I find!

We have a small egg scale, and the large egg weighs just a hair under 4 oz.
The baby egg weighs 1/2 oz.
I wonder if egg farms have the same situations? Is this strange occurance because my hens are free-range, scratch fed chickens?
The mystery remains.
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PamKittyMorning said...

YIKES. That is one big egg!

kpjara said...

I'd much rather lay the 1/2 oz than the 4 oz egg! Good lands!

cityfarmer said...

What's a room mother to do!!!!
Call in the egg detective???

We were both just inducted into "onestepupfromstupid's" favorites bar.

Shabby in the City said...


Mimi said...

I thought all eggs would be the same size.

Interesting — yes, I'd prefer the little one if I were the chicken. . .

berrie said...

YeeeeOWCH! ok so it's gigantico is it a double yolker? Guess what my ara decided to do MOLT:( I don't understand it, she is a year old so naturally it is spose to take place, but I think the mild winter did trick her??? don't know but we've hung a second heat lamp in the henhouse and layed down a woolie...and sadly NO BLUE eggs have been laid for weeks now:( if I where a hen & had to choose which egg I would want to push out of my vent? the letttle one of course!

homemakerang said...

no eggs for us right now, all are molting and have been for 2 1/2 months (it can last up to 4!) I have no idea about these egg sizes though... mine are always the same size and I never had small eggs even at the beginning which i hear is a common occurence and then they get increasingly larger... call mcmurray hatchery and ask them

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

That sure is a crazy set of eggs!
Hope you have a fantastic new year with many blessings coming your way :)


Anonymous said...

From homemakerang's comment: "I never had small eggs even at the beginning which i hear is a common occurence and then they get increasingly larger... "

My girl's eggs are all small and uniform. I was surprised to have such small eggs from such big girls, but each year the eggs are suppose to be getting bigger. As to diet, I'm using a combination of kitchen scraps, OG feed, sunflower seeds and run ranging... Can't figure out what's happening for you at all (unless you have a bantam and a large older bird)! But it does make for some interesting times, doesn't it?! (Wildside as Anon. again...)

Amanda said...

Holy cow...what in the world do you do with all those eggs??? Are they good eatting?

Mindy said...

That egg is huge, and i'm glad i'm not a chicken!!

Mimi said...

OK, Cyn, you've really got me thinking about eggs now. I just photographed a regulation sized brown egg for a future post. Nothing compared to what your girls produce, of course!

Katie said...

I'm guessing that the big one is a 'double-yoke'. My mother taught me (oh, those many years ago) to always crack an egg into a small dish before using - in case or double yokes, bloody eggs, or (gag) small chicks. I laughed, ignored and successfully used 'store-bought' eggs for years. Now I get my eggs from the local farmer, all shapes and sizes, all from free-range. I learned, the hard way, that mother was right

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Maybe she's just regular ol' "female problems" as some of us do. Thank goodness we're not all culled from the flock.

Better go ask someone with more experience than me. Other than that, I'm stumped. Sorry!


Shabby in the City said...

Guess what? We both have "French Kiss" as one of our favorite movies :)

gtr said...

Wow, that IS crazy! I actually have a post up right now of a similar comparison, but nearly as impressive as that size difference!

James said...

Thank you for visiting my Dad's blog. Because he is legally blind, he will not be commenting. Your visit was very meaningful for him. I will try my best to keep those visiting his site contacted as often as I can...

April said...

I would hate to have the stitches on the hen after she layed that large egg... or would it be double-X-L egg? ;)

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