Tuesday, August 21, 2007


You didn't actually think Cityfarmer could come to visit and NOT work, now did you???
I had an old "hope" chest with water stains, scratches and scuffs, just waitin' for Joy to come and do her magic. She brought the tools, the primer, the paints, and the embellishments.
Why we didn't think to take a "before" photo, I can only blame on the wine.
But here is the piece just after being primed.

Joy working her thaang.

Pretty much the finished piece, just waiting to be buffed out.
It now sits in my living room, also being partly furnished by Joy.
Can't help it!
She has SUCH good stuff!

Here is a photo of the two armless chairs and ottoman her and Don brought me from the burbs.
It will be joined by a vintage sofa found here on the west side of Grand Rapids, and slipcovered in a wrinkly, taupy colored linen, by Joy's ultra-talented sister-in-law, Ardy.
I can hardly wait!!!
After the work....

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Rosie said...

Ooh... I love all of it :) The chairs and ottoman are great. I love the fabric and the style......lucky you!!

Gina said...

Beautiful! When can we see pics of it in your living room?

You BOTH have great taste. Now when can you make it here to this project awaiting home :-)

Rosa said...

Handy, that girl. That is absolutely gorgeous! And the chairs. Lovely. (I also noted the empty boxes of Sam Adams in your barn, giggle.) Sounds like loads of fun!

cityfarmer said...

Etta James...House of Blues...Chicago...August 29th~~~ FYI

Julee Ann said...

Thanks for thinking of us on Sat. And you can bet if your visit with CF had been post wedding we might have crashed your party. Looking forward to the next one already!

Anna said...

I remember that chest. It was in gina's room while I was staying there. I think I might have a picture of it. I'll look. It looks AWESOME! Can't wait to see your new living room! Love Anna

cityfarmer said...

Can't wait to hear part four...the fun and games...wait till you hear what's transpired here since we last chatted...now more than ever would like to revisit the caba~na

Homemakersheart said...

How cool! What a treasure to have a friend with that kind of talent. I look forward to seeing pic's when you get the chairs and all settled in.

Lovella said...

Oh my goodness you girls have fun, and what a lovely piece. I love the shape of that hope chest and the finish is just great.
Oh and the food, wowow . .just scrumptious looking.