Monday, September 17, 2007


I've been a collector of "stuff" ever since I can remember. The "old" has always fascinated me, and most of my favorite thngs have seen better days! I only just recently got rid of an old, green, mohair sofa and chair, as the family finds the scratchiness unbearable.
No worries.
I found a vintage, down-filled sofa to replace it, and am in the process of getting shabby, linen slipcovers made for it!


I've been setting aside a few goodies here and there, in the hopes of having my very own giveaway someday.
That day has dawned.
And so, I present to you, my goodie box!
A little of this.
A bit of that.
See for yourself what wonders I have assembled!
Vintage hankies.
2 old, mini, rose covered TV trays.
Note cards.
Vintage dish cloths.
Floral tea cup.
Decadent chocolates.
And other what-nots.
You may very well be asking yourself...
"How can I become the proud owner of this box of delights?"
It's this easy!
Just leave a comment, between now and midnight,Wednesday, Sept. 19, stating you would like to be in the drawing, and I will slip your name into the hat.
One entry only, as I want to be as fair as possible.

See y'all Thursday morning!

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HomemakerAng said...

I am GAME! its on! count me in!

mgm said...

MEMEME!!! hope the grandkid has finally decided that gram can cook:) xoxo!

Anna said...

sign me up! or put me in the hat... whatever!

Anonymous said...


cityfarmer said...

Hear ye hear ye ladies....I've been on the receiving end of this farmgirl and her "stuff" ~~~~ we exchange gifts a couple of times a year...gathered gifts, gifts from the heart, simple abundance kind of gifts....whoever wins will certainly be glad they threw their name in the hat.

I am repeating tis comment for what's it's worth...Some one else can have my slot...I have plenty of stuff..hehe

cityfarmer said...

hey, I gave you those em' forward

Nunnie's Attic said...

Count me in!! Thanks!!


Jean said...

Looks like a box of great stuff. Add me, please!

Amanda said...

Count me in! That looks like a wonderful assortment of goodies!

Lovella said...

well are you just the sweetest. This is a great idea, I think I'll start my own treasuer box.
I'd be delighted to have you enter my name, thanks for the fun.

Laurie & Chris said...

Put me in please!! It looks like a lot of neat items :)

Lindah said...

What fun! Please count me in.

Gina said...

I will join the fun! Thanks for being so generous! Your blog is a gift on it's own!

kansasrose said...

You are so sweet and kind hon! I'd love to be included in the drawing for CYN's cool stuff! xxxooo!

Anonymous said...

Hey, i see you have the COCOA perfume! i commented earlier, as Dottie, it looks like a great bunch!

Huskerbabe said...

What a fun idea! Sounds like a pass it on kind of thing too, don't you think?
Please enter me.

Kerrie said...

I'm in~ does it countthough if you live out of the COUNTRY!!!

I wont hold you to it if i did win, I do/will understand..


Aunt Jenny said...

OOOH..count me in fun!!!!

diane said...

Sounds like I would love this box of goodies~this gives me an idea of my own!