Monday, October 29, 2007


I've been under attack this past week, with a tickle in my throat and general hoarseness.
Pretty much losing my voice.
OH NO!!!!
Enter the 2 minute soup.

aka: Eggdrop Soup

2 cups chicken stock(I prefer Kitchen Basics)
1 large egg, beaten well
drizzle of sesame seed oil(found in the oriental section of the grocers)

Bring the stock to a boil. Slowly drizzle the beaten egg into the stock, stirring vigorously with a fork. Stir for perhaps 30 seconds. Shut stove off. Pour soup into bowl. Drizzle with very small amount of sesame oil. S&P to taste.

It's good for what ails ya!
I'm feelin' better already!
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Lovella said...

What a fantastic idea for a quick soup. Eggs are always at hand and the stock is a staple.

I do hope your throat tickle vanishes quickly. Feel better my friend.

mgm said...

ugh I definately have something stuffy head and ears and sore throat it's a soup night tonight for me! xo

katiez said...

I love Egg Drop Soup!
Hope you're feeling better...I've been struggling with the same bit!

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Will have to remember when we are feeling down. Hope you are better.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Now that looks good! Love you`re rooster`s name LOL!!
By the way....I thought it looked more like a fox tail too, but hubby thought a deer. Too long for a deer I think though.
Hope you`re feeling better :)


Nunnie's Attic said...

I love egg drop soup. It's good for the soul. Hot and Sour soup from the local Chinese restaurant ALWAYS heals what ails you. I used to work in a mall and the owner of the Chinese restaurant gave me some when I was sick. Promised me I would feel better and I did!


mgm said...

luv you! thanks for those prayers I know HE has been behind all of these blessings. It has just fallen into place so perfectly, that their can be no question about it! xo

Dawn said...

How is homemakerang doing these days?
I am not able to access her blog...and wondered if the baby arrived etc....
Thanks, Cyn.

Kerrie said...

((((hugs)))) Dear Cyn, Sorry that your not feeling well.. Praying that you recover quickly...and that this be all you get out of this winter...AMEN!! to that I here you say... lol

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh..that sounds good..a cold has been going through our family one at a time too. I hope you feel 100% better tomorrow!!! I will have to make some soup!!!

Lowa said...

Mmm...I may have to try this.

Yes, as Dawn said, we cannot access homemakerang's blog and wondered how they are all doing. Baby must have arrived by now and I am really anxious! Please let her know I am thinking of them and praying. Would love to gain access to the blog again. This happened to me some months ago and then suddenly I could get in again. I don't understand why it happened again, but it has been over a month since I could get onto her blog.

Thanks for your help!!