Monday, October 08, 2007


This is such a sad time in the garden.
No one feels much like getting out there and weeding, and most of the perennials have fizzled out, leaving just a few remnants hanging on.

We are expecting much cooler temps this week, so this is pretty much it for color.
It was so much fun to get this bed started this spring. It has really given me lots of eye candy, especially the snapdragons!

The grasses have gone to seed, which the birdies just love!
I keep mine all winter, and cut down first thing in the spring.

The "blue-plate special" bird feeder, created by my dear friend, Lucy.

Morning Glories in all their glory.
They are so incredibly beautiful. I can't figure out why mine take so long to get this big.
I see them in July on others mailboxes, blooming like there was no tomorrow.
Mine are just now getting there.

Seize the day.
Cause here in the midwest, it could be snowing next week!!!!
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Nunnie's Attic said...

Oh gosh, don't you just love Morning Glories? I think part of the lure might be in the name. They're there to greet you hello every morning. Send some cooler weather our way. It's supposed to hit 90 today!!


Anonymous said...

True about the flowers. I hate to cut mine down and replant when they are still hanging on. Beautiful pictures.

Kerrie said...

Brrr!!! just the thought of snow.

I love the way the Morning Glory has grown over the white picket fence to the birdhouse...

Anita said...

HI! I stopped by from Prairie Farmeress... I love your blog, and the Rascal Flatts song!
I have several pictures of morning glories I have taken, aren't they just absolutely beuatiful? I never grown anything but the original 'heavenly blue'... any other color just doesn't feel like morning glories to

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Wow, I adore your wonderful chicken photos! I make chicken and rooster story quilts and to see good photos of a chicken, just inspires me to do another chicken quilt to make people smile. Your blog is wonderful. I would love to swap links if you are willing-I know my girls would adore your blog.
Mary lou

mgm said...

Hola chica! Well we made it! complete with internet now so I'm back in the saddle again:) what a hectic last couple of weeks it has been, your box came on the second day in the new place and my gosh what a welcome it was! I ate the chocolate on the couch surrounded by boxes of unpacking:) I was so ready for a break so thank you from the bottom of my heart for that goody box it was filled with such neat things to unpack..EVERYTHING! Loved it all! I had an email from you but can't find it again:( I wanted to reply but I think I deleted it on accident...glad you like the box I sent you and the RING:) xo

cityfarmer said...

heading out to the tundra thisnweekend to gather, cut and burn....eeeewwwwouch

Lovella said...

I guess gardens pretty much look the same up at our neck of the woods. Done.
I'm going out to yank the annuals out . .so sad.

Rachel said...

Your garden certainly has far more color than mine. Mine is mostly all dead and I need to get out there and do some work at trimming them back for the winter.

Lori said...

You sure did have a beautiful garden. Next year I'm going to try and have more flowers. Snapdragons? Hmmm, think I'll have to give them a try next spring.

Also Cyn, to include you on my list of invites, I'll need your e-mail address. E-mail me and I'll add you to the list. Thanks!

Homemakersheart said...

Hey Cyn~
Just checking on you. Your in my prayers. Wishing you and Farmboy God's peace~