Wednesday, January 09, 2008


We have been having incredible weather here in the midwest this week!
On Monday, it hit 64 degrees! It was just what I (and the chickens) had been waiting for.
Time to clean out the hen house.
So I shooed everyone out into the yard, and began shoveling the s...!
Normally, once the hens are let out, they scatter all over the yard.
But...when cleaning out their house, they are too curious, and usually end up sticking around to see what I am up to.

Here they are, all nosy and happy!
As soon as I am finished, they have to rush in and inspect my job.
They scratch around, running here and there, jumping into their nesting boxes to check for fresh straw, and just generally throwing a party!
I am happy to do it for them.
They are good to me all year, with an abundant supply of fresh eggs.
But mostly, they are pure entertainment.
Far better than anything on the boob tube, if you know what I mean.
(except, of course, for The Biggest Loser and American Idol...but that pretty much goes w/o saying!)

I have been very busy the past few weeks, with my grandson home for Christmas break for 2 whole weeks! I have been missing everyone, and hope to get back on the blogging track real soon!
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LauraS said...

You are so lucky to have your own hens delivering fresh eggs to you! How I would love some of my own! It's gotta be worth brushing up their excrement for!! :-)


HomemakerAng said...

i know what you mean... :)

Lovella said...

a little farming is so good for the soul. Love the chickens.

a said...

ahhhh cyn I use to go out there in below zero weather to make sure the poop was under control! gosh they are funny when they have a clean coop inspecting it all sratching around like crazy! I miss those hen girls of ours! (well...sorta:)

Cin said...

Hey Cyn! I made the European style bread the other day and it was great! I think I have tried many recipes from your blog--and no it isn't a food blog because I also made the laundry detergent--many times!! LOL

scrapbooker47 said...

I love the chickens! I am planning on getting some this spring.