Monday, January 21, 2008


OK, so Christmas is over, so the snow and bitter below zero windchills can stop, already!
We have had the never-ending snow for so long, I have to look at old, summer garden pictures to even remember that there is grass under all of this!
The poor hens and Albi have been penned up in their little hen-house for so long, they are pecking at each other for lack of anything better to do!
I dare not open their little chicken door, as it will only let in frigid temps and blowing snow!
So I go in every morning, cooing and fawning over them, with lots of scraps accumulated in the previous 24 hours. Plus, some scraps that were not quite ready for the chicken bowl, but, come on... I have some heart!
So, rice that was not quite ready to be tossed, lettuce that was still quite edible, even by MY standards, and some raw oatmeal tossed in for good measure! At least they have food to comfort them!

The poor chickadees and goldfinch are at a loss!
The snow keeps filling up the entrances to their bird feeders, which I diligently go out and shake a couple times a day. I have taken to just tossing out a quart of seed, and letting the juncos, doves, and sparrows just have at it!
Unfortunately, we also have hawks. And more than once have we come home to see blood and feathers from an unfortunate hawk/dove encounter...the dove being the obvious loser.
All this to say, I have had quite enough of this snow and bitter cold!
So...I have spent the day perusing the world wide web, for all-inclusive vacations to any place that is warm year round.

What I came up with is: Puerto Vallarta!!
More explicitly, the Dreams Resort and Spa.
Oh yeah. I know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Round trip tickets and a 7 night stay at this all-inclusive resort located on the Pacific Ocean: around $3000 for 2 adults.
You betcha, I'm takin' Farmboy!
All inclusive: round trip air-fare, room, food, 24 hour room service, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), pools, kayaking, etc.
Did I mention food???
Did I mention drinks???
Did I mention $3000???

Did I mention: PASSPORTS???

Guess what I am going to do this week?
Apply for my passport!!!

Where would you love to vacation to get warm and cozy this winter?
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cityfarmer said...

W-H-E-N?????.....we just spoke yesterday and there was no mention of this...
I guess when you've had your fill nothing can stop ya....GO FOR IT

I can't think of anyone who deserves this more...

HomemakerAng said...

is this a joke like when farm boy took over 7-11 or what?

a said...

ahhh cyn loungin around in the sun soakin it up! Ya have to! I believe it takes 90 days to get a passport these days so get to it! How fun! somethin to look forward to!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember those cold mornings up in the north chickys just stuck inside and the darkness:( Ugh I absolutely can't stand the month of February....right now I would go anywhere where the sun shines everyday! xo

Anonymous said...

It all looks good to me. The crazy thing is id come your way. Do you wanna trade places for a few weeks?

Laurie & Chris said...

Hope you have a great time. Take lots of pictures that is the only way I will see it. I don't fly!!

LauraS said...

Why don't you have a passport? How bizarre?! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful vacation to look forward to!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Not a joke, but still not sure how feasible this is. We are currently taking care of my grandson, and will likely have custody until spring, or perhaps even later. We are also involved in a court battle concerning my stepfathers will, and are in the middle of depositions and hearings. Will keep you updated, tho! And, the reason we have never applied for a passport is, we never had need of one before! When you don't leave the country for anything, why bother with a passport!

HomemakerAng said...

you dont need passports for the virgin islands! its beautiful there, so i hear!

Yellow Mama said...

Just wanted to tell you I always remember to turn up the volume when I come to your blog. Thanks for all the good music!

heylucy said...

I hope you find a way to get to a nice warm place for a bit! If it makes you feel any better, even here in San Diego we are having stormy, rainy weather. :o)

Lovella said...

run . .run . .run to the passport office. do not delay .. .nothing should be on top of the list but that.
Oh, you deserve some warmth.

Counting Your Blessings said...

Sounds dreamy! Well, for me it IS dreamy. I won't be seeing the broad side of a boat or another country or a yummy beach for a long time. It's really cold here too. And that new puppy has to go out so often =) Blessings..Polly

Rosa said...

We'll meet ya there! Any beach right about now sounds good -- although we don't have the weather you have. It looks enchanting to me (covering face from punch you're swinging). Hang in there!!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh boy yes that sun would feel mighty fine right now. I've never had a passport! Only used birth cert. to go where I needed to back then...before the kids. Have fun!

kansasrose said...

Oh honey it sounds divine! You and your farmboy have a second honeymoon babe! Passports are such a pain. Puerto Rico is US and you wouldn't need's gorgeous! Hawaii? :) The Florida keys? Any place with sun, warmth and a beach! Cyn and her hunk of burning love farmboy, giant margarita in hand floating on a floati in a worries MON!! I hear the steel drums! LIMBO CALL! Have a beautiful vacation dear friend. xo

Rachel said...

I've never been one to take exotic vacations, but the one you found sounds great and not that expensive! I would love to go to a place like that and soak up some sun while folks here are wearing their long johns!! Ha!!

Aunt Jenny said...

Sounds so wonderful right now as it snows and blows big time here too right now.
I have never had a passport either..I wonder if I ever will? I would even be happy to just go to Calif to the warmth of my grown boy's homes (always 75 degrees there) and if we crave the is right there too. AND I could get in some grandkid time!!
Keep warm!!!

Beemoosie said...

You go girl! I was done with this snow and cold stuff the day after Christmas myself...unfortunately DH hasn't taken the hint about someplace W-A-R-M!!