Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Memories are made of this...

2006 perennial bed

07' New perennial beds

07' New herbe garden

Mid-summer 07' new perennial bed

Can't help myself.
Had to go back and see how this now-barren land looked less than 1 year ago.
Spring hopes eternal.

For REAL inspiration go to:
Cityfarmer Joy's country garden in the city...
Parisienne Farmgirl, Ang's blog and look for her gardening posts.

These gals inspire me.

For now, I am content that there is no more snow in the yard, today promises temps near 50, and I have several packages of lettuce, peas, and arugula that I can sow as soon as I clean up the veggie beds.
And poppy seeds that can be tossed willy nilly, and just scratched into the earth, very gently.

How does YOUR garden grow?
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kansasrose said...

I love your gardens! They are so cottagey...and you! It's peaceful looking at them. Not long now hon! I want to till today and plant peas and lettuce. God is Great! :)

cityfarmer said...

Tulips are up and I can see feverfew struggling...signs are everywhere of the promise of spring

....truth be told this time of year somewhat depresses me because I look out and see the work that will be involved in making this happen...oh well, it burns calories and keeps me out of the kitchen...and the fridge.

these little vistas are so pleasing to the eye...missing you...

thank you for a lovely endorsement of my blog.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh my goodness! I'm famous! Just kidding! Thank you so much for linking me.
I have a little money set aside and I am ordering my seeds today. I am a little late as usual but I am very happy about the wild varieies like blood red and dark purple carrots!
When I go visit Ang I want to see your garden. I covet that rosemary tree in those photos - did it overwinter????

cityfarmer said...

Oh, p.s. I love the daisy yellow background

Anonymous said...

Wow so pretty. Now I need to get busy!

Cin said...

Hi Cyn! Things are going ok. Thanks for checking up and checking in! So, God has chosen you with your loving soul to nurture a child again---no matter how it came to be it is a good thing! Email me if you'd like cincooldesignsATyahooDOTcom

Aunt Jenny said...

Your gardens are so so pretty. I am so ready for spring...things are starting to green up a little and the snow is mostly all gone.
Thanks so much for your prayers lately. You are a doll.

Anonymous said...

I keep looking at old pictures from last spring and boy are we behind this year! But then, we had a hard freeze last year that just about did everything in. Perhaps the plants are playing it safer this year! But I know how you feel. I am so ready! (rosemary--blooger won't let me sign in!)