Saturday, April 12, 2008


Once again, the lure of the seed catalog has mesmerized me, and I have fallen for their sweet talk and cheap promises.
I couldn't help myself.
Like a drug addict, I dream of more, more, more!
Their seductive photos entice me.
"Rare"!, they say.
I MUST have it.
No matter that $2 worth of seeds equals 800 carrots!
No matter that the cucumbers will be producing LONG after the thrill wears off.
That we will be eating organic salads created from the finest lettuces, tomatoes and cukes....for what will seem like FOREVER.
That I ALREADY have this years membership in my local CSA paid for.
Who cares that I will be able to feed a family of 16, when in reality we are a family of 4.
I am bewitched, bothered, and finally, bewildered.
Gotta run.
Sam has to dig me up a new, extra large garden bed.
It's spring here, and that can only mean one thing.
Time to sow.
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Lovella said...

OH yah, I have such a hankering to go to the garden store myself today .. Soon, very soon.
Oh and by the way ..
Otis died with with his master at his side this winter at 12 years old and Indee took the bad option to run onto the road.

Terri said...

I still have extra seeds from 3 years ago! Gardening is a sickness really LOL!