Friday, May 16, 2008


This is going to be a really strange story.
1st off, I met Cityfarmer Joy over 20 years ago. Joy had 3 children, Parisiennefarmgirl Ang, being the oldest. (far left)
6 years ago I met HomemakerAng (middle) at church. Kindred spirits at once, tho we are 20 years apart. (me being the elder, wiser woman...ha ha)
Joy knows HomemakerAng thru me, having introduced the two a few years ago during one of Joy's visits here.
They also hit it off.
And who wouldn't, for to know HomemakerAng is to love her.
Enter the blog world.
HomemakerAng and Parisiennefarmgirl Ang "met" via my blog interacting with Joy's blog.
Then the two Ang's had babies just 2 months apart last year.
Phone calls, e-mails, and more blogging, and they HAD to meet.
So...this weekend ParisAng and her hubby and children came to stay a couple days with HomemakerAng and her hubby and children.
And Farmboy and myself were fortunate enough to get all of them here for lunch today!

Here are the two dad's with their new babies.
ParisAng's hubby is on the left, HomemakerAng's man is on the right.

The babes holding hands.
Anybody here have anything against arranged marriages???

ParisAng's A. with HomemakerAng's Bud, down near the pond.
Cyn and ParisAng's darlin' girl.
I can so see why Joy just eats her up!!!

Way up there, ParisAng's oldest, inspecting the waterfall path.

Two of HomemakerAng's sweeties playing near the pond, with ParisAng's A.

We had an incredible visit, and I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing all of us together today!
The weather was pret' near perfect, and the fellowship was sweet.
Couldn't ask for a better May Day!
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cityfarmer said...

Sorta feelin' left out over here...

The pictures tell all...thanks for your do it so well!!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What fun!
And those babies holding hands--too cute!

Maggii said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad I came across this post. I used to read homemakerang all the time before she went private. I had no idea how to contact her so I couldn't ask to be added as a friend and have been unable to read her blog. She was still pregnant when she went private and I have wondered about her and the baby all these's so nice to see her and the baby here.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

OK - I am so linking this! This is a gorgeous post! Love the photos of the men and babies!
Thank you for a lovely luncheon! I love your farmette!!! How peaceful and inspiring. I'd be out in a linen dress hanging wash on the line and gathering eggs every morning. Simply romantic.
And by the way - nothing against arranged marriages!

kansasrose said...

Blogging can be a wonderful miracle. I thank our Lord every day for you dear Cyn and Joy. My sistahs in Christ and other coolness.(lol) I feel old looking at these...remembering those sweet baby years. Loveyagirl

a said...

aww! what a cute visit! I love the color of that dress on you cyn! just stopping over to wave hello:) xo

HomemakerAng said...

i am staying private to just a few friends and mostly family...

katiez said...

How strange and wonderful.... and it looked like a glorious day!

Joy said...

How fun that you were all able to get together and the babies are so adorable!