Saturday, September 27, 2008


After 2 plus years, all my chickens have gone to chicken heaven.
Here's the deal:
Sometime in June, the 9 hens began laying very sporadically. Sometimes I would get 2-3 eggs a day. Sometimes just 2 every other day. OK...they're probably molting.
But I never really saw any of the gals losing their feathers...just the occasional one or two that I expect came from Albie Darn's voracious appetite for s_x.
Then a couple of months ago, Sam found one of the girls in the road, obviously injured by the one of the psycho farmers who care not that this is a dirt road full of pot holes, and careen down here willy nilly, paying never mind to the odd fowl that may be trying to cross the road.
She died a few hours later, a peaceful departure on a blanket in the garage.
Then Albie Darn began getting very aggressive.
Like in, chasing me around the yard.
Like in, me turning on him, rebuking him, threatening him, and finally me running into the house hollering at Pete to get the gun and KILL that S.O.B.
He wouldn't do it.
So...any time I left the house and the chickens were free ranging here in the yard, I brought a broom or a stick with me to fend off any possible attacks from Albie.
That meant when I wanted to hang clothes out on the line, I had to carry a big stick along with the heavy basket.
I was NOT happy with Albie.
Then yesterday, when I let the gang out 1st thing in the morning, they tumbled out of the hen house into their "play yard", and began viciously attacking one of their own!
Seems she had an owie on her head, and the chickens go for blood.
I tried to "shoo" them off her, but they were relentless. I yelled for Pete to bring a broom and get them off that poor beat up girl, and he came running out in his pj"s and stocking feet and chased them away. We put her outside their fenced in area, and she lay with her head to the ground for nearly 2 hours.
I thought they'd killed her.
Slowly, she began moving around the yard and pretty much had the 1 1/2 acres to herself for the day.
But...I had had it.
I have so much drama in my life right now, I was simply NOT up to caring for a bunch of cannibals who were giving me very little in return.
I put the whole lot of them on "Craig's List", and by evening they were gone.
I am contemplating whether or not to get some more right away, or wait till spring.
Give me a few days to absorb all that is happening here, and I'll be sure to let y'all know what I do.
Meanwhile, those of you who are prayin' folks, keep us in mind.
Some real challenges going on round here.

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Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Found you through PArisienne and savvycity farmer....we had that happen with our chicken. They do go for blood. Once the sore heals, they go back to normal, but you're right....crazy. Fortunately, we had a rabbit hutch where we put the chicken til it was better. Enjoy some peace. :)

kansasrose said...

Sweet Cyn, EEEEEGADS! What a pain in the waz! That must have been traumatic not only on the poor pecked hen...but you as well. Oh hon...I know how you enjoyed your "girls". You don't need to be chasin' psycho chickens, breakin' up their fights right now. They will keep until spring. You are being wrapped in prayer and love from Kansas my friend. I was thinking about you just today...I need to send off some things to Joy and write you a real letter! These are truly days of testing the belivers metal are strong in the Lord. No power...can bring THIS HOUSE DOWN! Love you....

Homemakersheart said...

Hey Cyn! It has been awhile. I am posting randomly, though have a few pic's I want to share just don't have the camera nearby when I'm on the computer. Lazy, lol!

Sorry to hear about your girls. That had to be terribly stressful, but as a vet told me are they helping your quality of life? Good point. {{Hugs}} to you.

God's peace...this too shall pass,

a said...

awwww:( darn! But having owned a few chickens in my past, I know exactly how you felt* I have so much to tell you and want to write an email to let you know how it is going...I'm thinking and praying that whatever you and farmboy are dealing with will be better soon;) I've updated my page with a recent picture of Katie and the girls;) they are doing good cyn.... and are moving along alone" but we are ok with all of that, a lot has come to light where that is all concerned. Take Care friend!

Homemakerang said...

what is really scary is that albie was actually bigger than you! xox

cityfarmer said...

well Ilbdarn
I don't talk to you for one day and I miss all this? can make it through till will be a treat to start the summer out with new gals.
Seems anyone with chix knows of these dilemas.

tell me 'bout yesterday!!!
love to you.
D's six weeks checkup is tomorrow.

kpjara said...

I hope things are getting better!

Juri said...

Wow, what a sad chicken story. I was wandering through the blogs and came upon yours....I have chickens and would feel the way you did if my group began acting that way. I also had a rooster once that felt it was his role in life to terrorize me, which he did well. I finally had to give him away, but I did laugh a bit when you wrote about carrying a big stick to go outside....been there, done that! I am so glad I found your blog....


Rachel said...

Sorry that your chickens have been giving you trouble. Sounds like you did the right thing to get rid of them. I'm sorry for the challenges in your life. I will certainly pray!! God bless.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Wow! You poor thing. That sounds like a nightmare. I hope things are more peaceful now!

I had no idea you could even put chickens on Craig's list!

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

Did I read that right? you sold chickens on Craig's List! What a great idea!

Rhonda Jean said...

Oh dear, when roosters go bad. There is nothing worse than an aggressive rooster. Thanks for sharing your story, Cyn.

Di Smith said...

When you keep animals, these things will happen from time to time. Roosters can be especially nasty and once they turn, there's only one solution. Enjoy the peace and quite and maybe build a small coop in preparation for the next flock so those that need isolating can be handled more easily. It's a live a learn world. You're family are in my prayers, God Bless and thanks for sharing.
Di (Australia)