Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have a confession to make.
I am a Christmas fanatic.
I have the 24/7 Christmas music station on my radio as soon as Farmboy leaves for work.
And I have begun to take a few of my Christmas treasures up from the abyss of the cellar and set them in unobtrusive spots around the living room. Before you know it, the sugar houses will be on the buffet, and the nativity will be on the large bookcase.

This beauty was bought from Joy several years ago, and it hangs in a corner of my living room year round.
Next week I will replace the wreath hanging from her hand with a vintage Christmas ornament.
I love nearly everything about Christmas.
How's about YOU?

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Farmchick said...

I love Christmas too...from the setting up of the Nativity set to decorating the four trees in my house!!! I have already listened to Christmas music and my Farmer just gave me a very strange look! lol Stop in and visit soon.

Laurie and Chris said...

My hubby just said a couple day ago. "I better get your Christmas CDs out for you" It seems like we jump from halloween to Christmas and forget about Thanksgiving.

kansasrose said...

Ha! I LOVE your Christmas lovin' spirit girl! You are such a breath of fresh air. Love these little touches you do to celebrate the Lord's birth, and that's what we're talkin' bout isn't it? Puttin' on the ritz for the Babe Jesus. I chucked at the comments here too...I also start listening to my Christmas CD's in early Nov. Yesiiiireee! I've grown accustomed to Dh's raised eyebrow when I put der Bingle's White Christmas CD on after Halloween. He thinks I'm missin' a few neurons firing, I don't care! It's Christmas time, huh? (all bets are off) :) :D Now I have JD's Christmas in Aspen album thanks to you hon! Bring on the egg nog!!!! Let's get this party started! :) loveya!

Rachel said...

I have heard a few Christmas songs already on the radio! It's wonderful that you love Christmas so much!! It's so nice seeing all the decorations they have displayed in the stores. I'll try to wait until after Thanksgiving before I start with Christmas though!

cityfarmer said...

our house is bedecked...I'm lovin just staring at it all
flurries today

looks like we're on the same page.
I've Christmas music on my blog for weeks....

Homemaker Ang said...

i love you lots but there is something wrong to have christmas before thanksgiving! I cant do it! :) love the decor though!

Victoria said...

I agree- I cannot wait to put up my tree and try to decorate our tiny apartment. Thanks for reading my blog! I will check out your recommendation. And yes, Paul Washer is incredible- always the Gospel, and what could be more relevant than that?

Victoria said...

Oh, and since you're such a pro- Christmas gal (aren't we all??), you might like this site:

"wish me a Merry Christmas" dot com.