Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

The hunt for the "perfect" Christmas is a monumental task.
Much thought goes into which tree will be ours each year.
It typically takes us about an hour of traipsing through the tree farm, just up the road a piece from us, to decide on our tree.
Our grandson was with us once again this year for the tree hunt/cut/drag ritual.

Mission accomplished!

Tinsel, tinsel, everywhere!

Avery and Gina, having some fun "sisters" moments, with A still busy decorating.

Sam gets in on the decorating also.
We don't even have to insist on it!

I pray each of you dear friends are making precious memories this Christmas, and remember that...


I hope to be back later this week with some of my nifty, cheap ideas for Christmas presents!
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cityfarmer said...

We found the perfect tree and left it out in the field....that's my money saving tip.

I am sure you had a blast as a family....looks like a cozy decorating session.

missn ya

Aryana said...

Is seems that you had a great time. I really like your Christmas tree.

kansasrose said...

Great photos hon! Even more precious are the memories Cyn! You've made a GREAT home for your family girlfriend. Bask in the Love of the Holy Nativity. Love ya, Jen

Farmchick said...

Looks like fun family time!!

Amy said...

Merry Christmas sweetie pie! How cute you are and I love this series of photos of you and your family. May the Lord bless all of you with a wonderful new year:) xo