Sunday, February 01, 2009


"Company" napkins

Used to be, cloth napkins were brought out for holidays, anniversaries, or "company".
With the economy the way it is, and prices the way they are, and incoming income smaller than outgoing bills, we are looking for all possible ways to stretch a buck.
So...we STILL have "company" napkins,
BUT....instead of paper napkins...
Everyday napkins

We have everyday napkins!

Company napkins are washed/ironed/folded/tied up pretty, just so...

Everyday napkins are washed/folded...and put in the napkin bowl...
and used more than once if still relatively clean.

So, in one fell swoop, I am saving money, AND helping keep my environment cleaner.

What changes are YOU making 'round your home?

PS...ALL my cloth napkins have come from tag sales, thrift stores, birthday gifts,(Joy) or Goodwill.
Last week I bought the "good" napkins in the 1st photo for ten cents a piece!
Vintage napkins, for heavens sake!
Ten cents a piece!
Does it get any better than that???

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Homemaker Ang said...

hey, i am in the same process of making them from some used fabric and I am going to monogram on the corner our initials so if they are not to dirty we can use them again

Sherry said...

i am in the same bolt, my husband got laid off friday after being with this company for 20 years. we went grocery shopping and bought mostly store brands

kansasrose said...

Isn't it amazing how resourceful WE are when we have to be? I DIG your ideas...this is great Cyn! I have found myself using floursack towels ( a big stack of 'em costs a few bucks) for napkins. BIG, white, no-frills floursacks. Catches all the spills and they wash great. Never thought to monogram them or fancify them, but homemaker Ang has a good idea there too. Whatever it takes to save a buck, huh? Rock on! xxxooo

kansasrose said...

I used to use plain cheap cloth diapers for dust rags and burp cloths...maybe...just maybe they could be recycled as napkins? ( don't have any babies around right now...but someday grandbabies and I'll need burp cloths again) wadaya think?

cityfarmer said...

oh yeah, usin' what we have and doin' it with pride.

I am on the look out for all white or creamy pieces of linens to have enought for everyday.

What great gifts when they cost a few cents each.

The farmers' market calleth.

Mother's Day weekend.

craftycherry said...

I do this to. I made my own CHrissy napkins in 2007 and they were a hit (youd think nobody'd ever seen them before!!). I hate having to buy paper ones, like you said it saves money AND its good for the environment!

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

I have tons of cloth napkins, and we've pretty much used them for years. I think paper napkins have never been more than a once-a-year extravagance. What we are doing is eating out less, using up what we have, and saving, saving, saving.

No magazines, no paperbacks, no pricey splurges.

This year, instead of the Valentine's Day gourmet meals we used to have at a certain French restaurant, we are attending a fund-raising dinner for the arts. We'd spend $200 or more in the past; this year, it will be about $80.

Rachel said...

That's a great idea. I love cloth napkins far better than paper anyway.

I am trying to cook more at home and eat out less.

Aunt Jenny said...

The only time I buy paper napkins is for kid parties where there is a theme and it seems really important to that kid.
We use a rag tag collection of cloth napkins for every day. Each of us has a napkin ring that is our own (all different) and use our napkin a couple times until it needs washing. (I personally do NOT want to use a napkin after my youngest son, but DO want to use them more than once when possible) it works out great. I made sets of cloth napkins for gifts this year for each family in our extended family. Mostly simple homespun or like that. I love your napkin bowl!!

Victoria said...

Just wanted to say hi! I love your background here and recipes.

I do love the cloth napkins, too. One of those things my Mom passed on to me. I like to make my own from fabric scraps leftover from projects. My favorites are from a Monet print fabric I made a skirt from- so springy and pretty.

Thanks for the spring photo under your title, too. It seems so far away... come on, hyacinth!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

A napkin bowl! You are so smart! Great idea for keeping them handy! And it's pretty too.

Hot Belly Mama said...

gawd, I used to buy the lysol sanitizing wipes and I was just thinking that I am doing good because I use a regular bottle of lysol with paper towels. lol. Although, I striving to switch to cloth very soon. I love how you put yours nicely on display. I think I will do that because we are more likely to grab and use them if they are out.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I am pretty cheap so I never in our married life (13+ years) have purchased white paper napkins - I always thought it was such a waste. Last year I quit buying paper towel - I thought that was getting a little out of hand too, I mean what kind of a princess am I if I can't life without paper towel? I bought a stack of those horrible cheap washcloths that are always on clearance at Target and despite the fear that the paper towel adds want you to adopt no one around here has got Salmonlia or however you spell it from wiping my countertops off with a rag!!!
AND - I love cloth napkins, my most favorites (and only ones) are the ones that you gave me a few years back. I love to starch the heck out of them. I think of you every time!

April said...

I amd definitely going to have to go this route. If I can't find them at Goodwill, I guess I'll just have to make some. Great idea!

cityfarmer said...

I found a pudding bowl much like the one you are showing ... of course it was from Mary.
In the beautiful Meakin mark on the bottom it actually says "pudding bowl"

I'm washn up some linens to grace the bowl.

Oh, and I'm on the hunt for 10cent linens to add to your next goodie bag

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Found your blog via OWOH...amenjoying my visit. The pork with capers looks wonderful, I'm so hungry right now...visiting the library to check in with OWOH.
God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

What a cute blog! Found you at Parisienne Farmgirl.

And I love cloth napkins too. The other day I bought the cheapest paper ones at the store to be frugal, and it made me so sad. As soon as we had used them, I dragged out some of our cloth ones. Much better.

Sincerely, Emily said...

Fabric napkins are the only way to go (love them!). I love making them from left over fabric bits where I will get 1 or 2 of the same fabric or plan it out where I will get a set of 4 or more if I really like the fabric. And making them is always a great gift (easy and low cost too). And I love finding wonderful old linen ones at garage sales and thrift stores. Emily