Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pitiful...Jest Pitiful

The winter garden in Michigan is pitiful
Tho there are signs of life, if you are so inclined to look for it.
Thyme, planted several years ago, can be found fresh and green, even in the worst that Michigan dishes out. Just brush the snow away, and voila!

Here is my Lemon Thyme in the foreground, and in the back you can still see some nice, green Sage.

Oh how we Michiganders crave something green in winter.
The slow growing evergreen pictured here, will do just fine in this pot for several years.
Once it outgrows the pot, we will plant it along the property line with some others we have as a west wind break.

I like to keep my grasses un-cut for the winter. They offer seeds and shelter for the birds, and besides that...
by the time October rolls around, I have had just about enough of the garden and have proven to be too lazy to chop them down.
So there.
See that itty bitty patch of snow in this photo?
By this time tomorrow we will have several inches with near blizzard conditions predicted.
Last week at this time it was 60 degrees.
Michigan is a tease.

As REALLY bad as this all looks right now, I know in a few short weeks, I will be out there, garden tools in hand, getting the earth ready for the 1st sowing of arugula, kale, and baby romaine.
At least that's what I keep telling myself.

What are YOUR hopes for your garden this spring?
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Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I saw some green over here last week when we had the big meltoff! There IS hope! We aren't getting the snow they predicted for today...I'd like it to show up and cover up all this ugly! *Ü* Loved your garden, even in winter!

Lovella said...

I picture you with your gardening tools and seeds ready by the door. I was amazed at how one day of sunshine made spring seem around the corner. . .but we've been teased before too. . .and I'll never say never.

cityfarmer said...

I can almost see your alyssum and hollyhocks abloom.
I have had the pleasure of being there in the peak's coming, it really is.

I am SO glad I powered thru the fall clean up so now I can start right in. The way the garden sat all summer while I was sitting in the hospital, things were really bad around here....weeds as tall as me.

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

I let my tall grasses grow, too.

We got more snow earlier in the week so it looks like January again up here.

katiez said...

Gardens... I'm starting totally from scratch this year. There is nothing. I think you might have inspired me to start planning.

FlipFlop Mom said...

there is absolutely NO green.. NONE in NH right now.. and as I type this .. more snow is falling.. HUMPH!

My home soil is poor.. poor.. but hubby and I built an area up with good soil.. so we're HOPING that we can grow a few veggies and be successful this year.. otherwise we garden at a friends home!!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I can think of more descriptive words. I appreciate your self control.

Victoria said...

I confess not being used to the Michigan tease... back in Minnesnowta it's just cold and colder until June! Last year it snowed there in MAY, no joke!

Still... I won't get a garden this year because of moving, but I'll be happy to walk around in other people's flowers. By invitation, of course!