Friday, March 20, 2009


For heaven's's spring!!!
Chives poppin' up!

Can it be Hollyhocks? of my springtime favorites!
Kinda funky smelling, tall and lanky..... like a teenage boy?

This has been one H-E-double hockey sticks of a year, and this is one farmgirl who is comin' into spring singing Glory, Glory, Halleluiah!
It's like anything is possible, know what I mean?
Not that the problems and the "situations" are gone...but...
I think perhaps we can see a bit more clearly when we have turned the corner on winter and are welcoming in the new births of spring.
Refreshed and renewed, despite what we all may be facing.
And many of us out here are facing some real giants.
You know who you are...
and you know I am praying.
I do not say that lightly.
When Cyn says she is praying, you KNOW Cyn is praying.
So Ang (both of you...the pregnant one and the one in the burbs), dear Jen in Kansas, bestest friend, Joy, and others who have needs...
know that we can come boldly before His throne, as He is our daddy....and we have His ear.

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cityfarmer said...

I hear ya loud and clear.

Restore to me the JOY of my salvation and renew my strenghth like that of the mighty eagle.

Thoughts and images of a visit from you and the farmboy are as about exciting as spring itself!

Carry on

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Thanks for the reminder of whom our strength cometh...from the LORD! He who maketh all things new. I thank him for the things he has provided that we can count on: like the change in seasons. Other things may change but the Lord does not.

You're such a sweet encourager!

Laurie and Chris said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog. Great spring pictures.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

His mercies are new every morning!!!

Thank the LORD for Spring. Suddenly, I can handle everything with a little more grace.
A crocus and a cardinal with do that to a girl.

kansasrose said...

Amen Sistah Amen! Looking out at the new growth of spring gives one renewed hope in the ETERNAL life with our Lord. My daffodils are about ready to pop! xxxooo

Rachel said...

Yes, spring is in the air and in the ground too! I love spring when new life begins in nature!

I loved seeing your precious grand daughter in your previous post! She is so cute! I sure hope you get the web cam going. That would be wonderful!!

Aunt Jenny said...

I love seeing the pictures of your spring growing things. WE are for sure behind you in that department..had more snow this morning even..but it didn't stick. I have been enjoying my little clump of daffodils and that the green part of the tulips and iris are up now (blooming will be quite awhile off still) and no chives here yet. I watch for them. I am planting some things to start inside tonight for our garden. I am more than ready for spring.
I don't see how anyone can live through a springtime and not feel Heavenly Father's presence!