Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Never saw such a huge "link" before!

Though these should have been started 2-3 weeks ago, I am taking a chance that they might just get a good enough start to get into the garden after the 1st week of June. Tomatoes do NOT do well with chilly temps, and I have heard that they will actually do better if you wait a bit into June before transplanting.
I'm taking no bets, tho.
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Anonymous said...

I made some of these, but mine didn't look near as good as yours!! LOL

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

What a neat idea,Hope your tomatoes do well this summer.

Missa said...

Very green and very nifty! I'm sure your tomatoes will due fine in june :)

Karen said...

Hi, Cyn -

You can also use toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. Cut the TP rolls in half, flatten them and cut two slits in one side, flatten them to the other direction and cut two more slits to make tabs and then fold the tabs together like you do the top of a box and you will have a little pot.

MissMatilda said...

wow, thanks for posting this, the Island I live on is great at growing tomato, but we only moved here recently. I'll give this a try.