Monday, June 08, 2009


I know it doesn't look like much, but the above is our 1st week of CSA farm pick-up.
For those that don't know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.
A fancy word for a farm that sells shares in their farm, (usually in the fall) and with that money the farmer is able to buy seed and pay for the farms needs for the following season.
In exchange, the shareholder gets weekly produce, to be picked up at the farm once a week, usually beginning in June and ending late October.
I had been a member of our local (all organic) CSA for 2 years, but this past fall I knew I would not have the money for this years share. ($450 per season...which works out to be around $24 dollars a week)
I reluctantly told the farmers wife I would not be participating, but she would not hear of it.
She gave me a share for this year, and asked if I wanted to do a weekly blog detailing what is going on in my kitchen with the current weeks offerings.
Also asked if I would be interested in teaching a class the end of July on Frugal Farm Cooking.
Yes, yes, yes, to all of it!!!
So on Thursday we had our 1st pick-up.
Meager offerings at first.
To be expected.
After all, what is growing in MY garden?
Spring greens, radishes, etc.
But let me tell you...
it gets better and better every week.
Around the end of July I have to make 2 trips to my car, there is so much stuff!

So...a quick stir fry using the bok choy, onions, and chives. And a salad with the red lettuce, mixed with goodies from my own garden.

It's gonna be a good summer!!!

PS...Did you know chive blossoms are edible???

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DJ said...

Wow...I found your blog by clicking on the "next blog" button!
Lovely blog and pics you have...
Thanks for being here.
I'll be back to sit on the porch with our Bibles one clear morning...
Love & Laughter,

Faith said...

Hey, what a windfall! Sounds like a terrific deal to me. :)

2 trips in your car for 24 dollars?



Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Youre kidding? You can eat the flowers??? I am so down with that cause they are so lovely! I have lettuce coming out my ears and trying to keep up with eating it. Nausea and salads arent always the best combo but it is wonderful pick those first fruits- we have baby green onions, radish, lettuces and we picked three tiny strawberries today.
Got that recipe blog going???

Calm Energy said...

Hi Cyn!
The CSA concept sounds great... and your farm friends sound like great people! This is the wonderful neighborliness that must make God smile.
I love exchanging garden goodies... Tonight we exchanged a nice bundle of rhubarb for strawberries...
Makes life sweet, doesn't it?!?!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I cut chives tonight, and threw away the blossoms! I used them on some baked potato slices that I had brushed with olive oil and minced garlic and scattered the chives all over...YUM!

cityfarmer said...

I guess we have no excuses to execute the south beach phenomenon, eh?

I'll call tonight, we'll be curled up watching the Redwings!

Kimberly said...

I had my morning devotions on the porch this morning and thought of you. :)
I love chive blossoms! They do pack more wollop and onioniness than the green parts. Plus, they are so pretty. Around here, I love to add bachelor buttons/cornflowers to brighten up our meals. No flavor, but the amazing blue adds so much! My friends can always find my salads at the potlucks with all the fruits and flowers mixed in the veggies. Might as well make it pretty, I say!

Aunt Jenny said...

That is just awesome! I wish there was a local CSA here...I don't know that I could afford it this year either..but wow...that would be cool.
I put chive blossoms in our tomato/basil salad last night. Even my picky eater..youngest son...loved the taste. I am not getting much besides a little greens and herbs from my garden so far. Won't be long though!

Victoria said...

That's cool- I don't think we have a CSA here, but I need to at least get down to the farmer's market some saturday. All I have is lettuce, lemon balm, parsley and tomato plants (but 2 have tiny green fruit on them).

Good tip on the chive blossoms, too. I hate throwing away part of something that worked so hard to grow. I want an entire onion variety garden! I use them so much..

Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Hi Cyn,

I just found you through "Accidental Huswife" - I love this post! It shows the way things should be, how things were probably done years and years ago. You can't afford it, so your sweet farmer was willing to do a great exchange - works for everyone. :)

Would you add this post to Real Food Wednesday? Here's the link:

Not sure if you're familiar with blog carnivals, but they're a nice way to bring traffic to your blog! There's more info on how to join in at that post.


Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Sweet, you did it, thanks so much!

Accidental Huswife said...

Cyn, I love this post! What a perfect outcome for everyone involved. So great when things work out this way.

Alyss said...

What a fantastic farmer you have! I'm about to go pick up my first CSA basket in about an hour. Woo hoo! I also love chive blossoms. They taste like onions but look like truffula tufts :)

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