Tuesday, June 23, 2009


baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, toothbrush

I got this info from Gayle over at "The Grocery Cart Challenge",
and thought I would give it a try.
With the cost of teeth whiteners hovering around $25, this distasteful, yet effective homemade whitener fits the bill for my "makin' do, or doin' without" series.

One teaspoon baking soda, 1 capful hydrogen peroxide.
Mix in small bowl.
Dip toothbrush into mix...brush, brush, brush.
Rinse, rinse, rinse.
Repeat no more than once a week.

Tried it a few days ago, and as Gayle noted, there was an immediate improvement.
I scrubbed all over, not just the fronts of my teeth.
Yeah, the taste was yucky, but not anything I couldn't bear to have in my mouth.
Immediately afterward, I just brushed my teeth with my regular toothpaste.
Icky taste all gone.
Make sure you check out the link she provides, as it goes into detail concerning someone's dentist who recommended this.
best of all....


Disclaimer: I am NOT a dentist, so this is NOT medical advice!
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Faith said...


I've tried that before, and it's not bad at all!

You can also brush your teeth with plain soap to do a good job getting the bacteria out. I did that for quite a few months in a row. I had read you could clear up gum disease that way. I don't have gum disease, but thought I'd try it anyhow. :-P

Great tip. Thanks!


Bonjour Madame said...

I'm going to try this. Thanks for sharing!

cityfarmer said...

my Dad has done this since I was a kid!!!

cityfarmer said...

p.s. the disclaimer ...you're a smart little farm chick

Calm Energy said...

I've heard of this, but haven't had a testimonial... now we have one! Thanks FarmGirlCyn!
I wonder anything natural can be added to help the "flavor."
mint? ~Maria

More than Survival said...

I have also done this.... thanks for the reminder to do it again. One other thing that also works (if the flavor really gets to you) is to mix peroxide with mouth wash (50/50) and swish for a minute. It will whiten your teeth and doesn't taste bad... this is also a GREAT thing to do if you have any sore in your mouth. I have done this version a lot.... Also, a friend of mine has a son that had an infection in his mouth and this is what the dentist had him do to clear it up! Works!!

cityfarmer said...

You could try adding spenda !!!!!


katiez said...

I use an even cheaper solution.... I've not yet succumbed to the tooth whitening, um, trend.

fredric said...

Cool! Thanks for the heads up. I will surely try that. I will also ask my dentist about this procedure because if I am not mistaken, she mentioned about this the last time I was in her office.

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