Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Indian dahl and summer... aaah, at last!

A really yummy, spicy dahl with batsmati rice.
Recipe coming if I get any requests.

My nephew Adam, doofus golden Beau, and son Sam.
Beau does NOT like the pool.
The pond...yes.

Our grandson Austin.
We have not seen him at all this summer, until last week when we asked if he could come over.
Then another visit today.
Get 'em while you can!

Austin rubbing noses with Sophia Loren.

Hope you all are enjoying the last days of summer.
We have had our 1st really hot weather for the past 10 days, but cooler temps coming this weekend.
We are trying to take advantage of every moment, with lots of pool time and lots of laundry hanging on the lines!
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That looks yummy - and I love cats... what an adorable name for one!

Blessings to you... Stephanie
[JESUS - the One I DELIGHT In]

Faith said...

I'll put in a vote for the recipe!


Frippery said...

I would love the recipe. My college boy loves Indian food and would eat it every day, but he tells me I haven't quite gotten it spicy enough for him. LOL.

jules said...

Me too! Recipe please! It looks yum.

Maria said...

Hi Cyn!
Glad you're getting some good times with your lil' ones!
Soooo important for you AND for them!

I LOVE anything with rice... love rice... just put butter on it... good as ever. Indian food is so delicious. Lookin' forward to the recipe, Cyn!
All the best as we gather up the rest of summer ~ Maria

MissMeliss said...

hey, that looks wonderful... would love the recipe. :D