Saturday, August 08, 2009


Quiche with kale

I tried a new recipe, substituting kale for spinach in a wonderful quiche. I swapped out the spinach and added one bunch of kale, stripped from it's stems, chopped fairly small, and stir fried with a small chopped onion in olive oil, till kale was tender...maybe 8 minutes. Put the kale/onion mix on the bottom of a pre-baked pie crust, topped the kale with 1 cup (or a bit more) of grated,swiss gruyere cheese, then covered all of that with a mixture of 4 beaten eggs with 1 1/2 cups of half and half.(you could substitute regular milk, or evaporated milk). (Grate a bit of fresh nutmeg into the egg mixture...nutmeg and greens go together like soup and sandwiches!)

Bake at 425f for 15 minutes, turn oven down to 350f and bake an additional 15-20 minutes, or until center of quiche no longer jiggles.

This was so delicious with a huge salad of the last bit of greens from my share of the Community Supported Argiculture farm.. There is so much fat and cheese in the quiche, that I kept the dressing for the salad super simple...just a basic oil/vinegar dressing from Julia Child, that is a staple here in my fridge.

That's all for now!

This is FarmgirlCyn saying...

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Maria said...

Hi Cyn! You should start one of those Mr. Linky things with recipes... I was just thinking of that this morning... then saw your post for yummy quiche with kale!
love kale, love quiche ... VOILA!

Faith said...

Nice idea. :)

I haven't had quiche in quite a while and yours is really beautiful looking!

I'll have to try this with Swiss chard.


Maria said...

Hi Cyn, The Mr. Linky thing is what happens at this blog:
for SKY WATCH FRIDAY that I participate in... They use Mr. Linky:

Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience is also using Mck Linky on Mondays and Wednesdays... Check her site... tomorrow... she'll have Linky going with Multitude Monday (gratitude community)
People enter their own links at the bottom of the Host's post... and are able to visit each other's blog post to see what they have to offer the theme ...
I only participate in Sky Watch Friday and I try to participate in Ann's
I've visited many wonderful blogs this way. Skywatch Friday has over 300 people from around the world that post pics of their sky view. It is 'team' hosted by about 4 people...who invite others through Mr. Linky.

I don't think I've ever seen a recipe one though! It's probably out there, I just haven't seen it~ since I'm new to blogging...
Mennonite Girls Can Cook is a great collection of recipes, but closed to the general blogosphere ...
Imagine a recipe theme per week... open to the "public." I've often thought of that!
Ann V. actually posts the Mck.Linky site link:

Wow...this comment got very long!
Just something to daydream about*
I know you love cookin'

Happy Sunday~

cindy said...

Looks yummy.

A Vintage Mood said...

Yum! I'm starving now!

Anonymous said...

Looks healthier than birthday cake!
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Arlene said...

That sounds delicious. I love kale and grew some this year and it's doing beautifully, I blanched them and froze some for this winter. I will swap out spinach for kale as well, can't wait. YUM!!!

Arlene said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for visiting me!! I too have had Kale bitter, but I'm not sure what I did, my kale is amazing. I had it in soup and it was perfect. It could be my soil?? Not sure, but I made a white bean soup and ham soup then added the kale at the last 25 minutes of cooking. I loved it and was able to freeze two pints of it. But I will mainly use it in soups or like what you did in a quiche..:). I know what you mean about fruit coming peeled already, whew, alot of work.

MrsK said...

What a great recipe .... just when I was looking to figure out what I could do with Kale.... haven't had it before (to my knowledge). Anyway, thanks for sharing. Also -- GREAT music!

Oystergirl said...

Oh man Cyn that looks GOOD! I adore kale so much more than spinach. I am actually contemplating making an indian Saag with some kale thrown in for the bitter loveliness of it! :)

Oystergirl said...

p.s. cyn! I am going to be starting a recipe link carnival on tuesdays called two for tuesdays! So, if you are interested in joinging I would love to have you. I will be starting it up in the next two weeks, but you can visit my site at for more information! The thought is posting two recipes for the price of one lol on tuesdays! Hope you come on over and post up some of your amazing recipes! Take care! Alex

Emily said...

Just found your blog through googling a recipe for Kale quiche. It looks delicious and your blog is great!

Aislynn said...

Googled kale quiche and here you had I never found you before?! I will be making this for Mother's Day brunch tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

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