Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eskimo Kisses

Eskimo kissin' in our "prairie" with my favorite grandson, Austin.
Photo by Cityfarmer

I love that boy.

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PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

I'm sure you know how blessed you are! Great pic!
Living it up at Lakewood,

Melodie said...

So very sweet!What a wonderful moment to have been captured in a picture!

cityfarmer said...

any time you want me to follow you around with A. and the camera, I'd be thrilled ... thank you for the honor.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Gorgeous picture, and ready to frame! So nice that your friend comes and tweeks the house, cooks with you, and photographs you!

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

Aw, he's such a cutie! Great pic!


Maria said...

Blessed grandson~
Blessed grandmother~

A blessing for all of us today~

Lori said...

THAT is so precious. :) Priceless!!

KathyB. said...

What a precious photo. I would love someone to capture photos of me with my grandkids! Aren't grandchildren among the best gifts from God?

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Ah, yes...Eskimo kissing brings back memories. Mostly of my Mom! C

cindy said...

You gave me a nice trip down memory lane.

I would share eskimo kisses with Justin when he was small. In fact, at 14 he still likes to get every now and then.
He would call them Ekimo kisses.

Anonymous said...

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