Sunday, September 20, 2009


How did I get from West Michigan to New York City's Time Square Church and back again this morning in 2 hours and STILL have time to assemble and bake this delicious quiche?

Easy Peasy

The internet!

We have recently found ourselves without a home church, and it has been wonderful!
If you know where to look there are incredible ministries out there that have live streaming of their services every Sunday.
We have been listening to Pastors Dave Wilkerson and Carter Conlon for quite a while and have just recently been joining them on Sunday mornings from 10am till 11:45 for their live service.
What a blessing it has been to join in with their praise and worship and hear good, solid teaching from the Word of God!

And I can stay in my PJ's too!

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Anonymous said...

What is their link?

Farmgirl Cyn said...
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Faith said...

I have several great places on the net that I can listen to good teaching. Love, love, love the ability to do that. Every day. :)


Jen R. said...

That quiche looks awesome!

Molly said...

Found your your blog just last week. Been reading some of your back posts and enjoying them. There are some really good speakers on the web and radio. We have been going through trying to find a home church because of a move. Think we may have found one now, what a blessing. It is very hard to find a church that preaches the word and salvation through Christ and not of ourselves.