Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the BIG reveal....get your hankies out!

Laughing so hard I was crying!

I had Avery take my picture with my handmade apron on, and we about fell on the floor laughing.
I know I have gained some weight since my knees went south on me last year, but I am NOT as big as this makes me appear!
This apron was a real challenge for me, as I have never done anything reversible, and as I lamented a couple of posts ago, I have never attempted buttonholes.
Today I completed both.

2 buttonholes, complete with buttons!!!

That's not to say there wasn't a whole heck of a lot of practice, as I think I did 10 practice buttonholes.
And, lest you think I am a complete baby, may I remind you that my old machine does NOT have an automated buttonhole thingy.
I had to read, and re-read my machine manual, and do these buttonholes the old fashioned way!
(now I have to figure out how to do the buttons on the other, reversible side....
perhaps I should read the pattern???)

Avery, who is tall and slender, pulled the sides of the apron in, and it STILL looks big!!!

Ya know, I read that pattern, and I checked the bust measurements against my own, and I was absolutely certain I needed to make the large.
This really is SO big I am wondering if my next one should be a small?

Or perhaps it was MEANT to look like a tent???

Disclaimer: I first saw this apron all done real cute in Amy Butler fabric, on Homemaker Ang. Hers fit her perfectly, tho she is tall and slender and would look good in a flour sack.

Maybe I should call her?
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Faith said...

Nice job!

I've been learning them as well. I have not finished them on the vests I started, being so busy with the ball gown.

I think the apron looks good. :o) Seems a snug one would make moving around while working too constricted, maybe?


Regan Family Farm said...

Sometimes it is hard to have tall slender friends!!! :)
Patterns that don't "work out" just about make me quit. Maybe with some darts, it would feel more flattering? Don't dispair!!

Vickie said...

It looks very comfy to me! Maybe you could tack some ribbon or make some sashes and insert them into the side seams and tie it in back to take it up a little.

I have an old machine, too, and I always have to read my buttonhole directions every single time! It's been quite awhile since I've sewed anything! I think you did a good job!

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

Sewing sure isn't a science. It's a hit and miss. I love that pic of you, big apron and all!
Living it up at Lakewood,

Maria said...

Adorable, Cyn, ADORABLE!

Maria said...

ooops... that sent before I had a chance to finish!
You'll probably love the roominess in the summer months when it's hotter.
Cyn, that style is the best apron... no strings in the front to catch fire :)
(that would be my cookin' though ;o)

A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

Aw, I think you did a wonderful job! Maybe you could just adjust the ties in the back and make it a wrap-like apron???

Gwynie Pie said...

Okay --- I've gotta say, the look on your face is truly priceless. I can almost hear the laughter. I know how you feel -- many of my sewing projects have somehow, despite my best efforts, gone awry. :) However, you did a great job on buttonholes. Girl - if a pattern calls for buttonholes, I just keep on moving til I find one that doesn't.

I can't wait to see you next sewing project..... :) I'll be sure and post my next one. Whatever it is.

Gwyn Rosser
@ The Pink Tractor

Judy @ daily yarnsh said...

I'm an apron lover and I like it. Aprons come in all shapes and sizes. Super job on it.

Melodie said...

I really like it!Good job,I don't even want to think about button holes without the automatic thingy!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Good job, Cyn! Love that determination that you have, and that apron is a great chore apron or like for when you're canning and need lots of coverage! Patterns tend to run big, IMHO....

Homemaker Ang said...

oh my, and call me she did and I was ORNERY and did not give the apron proper time on the telephone at all. And then, I check in on you and you have it all figured out! CONGRATS!!!! YOU DID IT!!!! It looks great!

I took the Medium apron and I KNOW you would take it too. I even had to take it quite a bit and I wear mine backwards :)

i have always been weird and this just proves it again!
thanks for the compliments BUT its time for HomemakerAng to loose some baby # 6 weight now... afterall, she IS almost 6 months old now!

Catherine Anne said...

Oh I love it, great job and laughing until you cry! Thats the best!

goatmilker said...

You did a great job. I love that apron. My sons name is Avery also. Have a great day. Rebekah

Jenna said...

Hey, the sizing for patterns differs so much that it can be very frusterating!

Great job on the apron:)!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I did my apron(s) from sewmamasew utube video and I only have to do one buttonhole (and mine isn't reversible) but it is easy and looks very good along with being functionable! I think we should do a ladies night out to make aprons!


Farmchick said...

So it's a little big....I think you still did a great job! :) Next time just make it a bit smaller! :)

Donna said...

How sweet! You're braver than me to tackle such a project. My machine has an automatic button feature and they taught me how to do it in a class. I've been too scared to try ever since, haha!

KathyB. said...

Maybe the finished apron is supposed to inspire you to do more cooking and baking, thus enabling you to eat more, increasing your size and requiring an apron that will hold the newly acquired girth. Or not.

The apron seems well made and lovely, maybe you have a friend who is a tad bit larger and in need of such a well made apron. Wrap it up for Christmas and present it to her!

Pomona said...

Maybe if you broke up the expanse of fabric with some side tabs and pockets, it might look better. Or you could just have a party in there!

Pomona x

cityfarmer said...

One of the things I love about you is your inffectious laugh ... and I can just hear this

At least you now know how to sew the dang thing ..

the "small" will go like a breeze!

call me

cityfarmer said...

p.s. somehow my little pea brain missed the post about our visit together ....duh!☹

yes, oh yes, it was delightful.
I especially loved it the morning you and I pryaed together ....AND the Trufant flea market ...I'm stenciling up those aprons as we speak.

So dear friend, until we meet again ...keep on keepin' on ♥♥♥♥♥

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Well, it says my comment was saved but I wasn't aware I made one...sigh. Is this a senior moment?
Love the apron even though it is a trifle large; don't wear it or you'll slowly, too easily, grow into it -smile-.

Kimberly said...

SUPER JOB!!!! I think I rip out as much as I stitch in as well. I just started sewing myself about a year and a half ago. I actually enjoy it now. Your apron is lovely.

cindy said...

You have to be proud of yourself. It isn't your fault that the pattern ran big, bigger and biggest!

Camille said...

I think you did great...and I agree with Cindy...it's not your fault that the pattern was strange!

Those buttonholes are terrific! I totally understand about the doing it yourself (the old-fashioned way)...my machine is from the 60's...so...well done!!

Vickie suggested sewing in some ties to make it come in a bit...that's a great idea! You could stitch on some ribbon two on each side...one in front and the other in back and then tie into a cute bow on either side...that might help make it look more slimming.

I love the first picture of you laughing so hard...that's great! :)


Pam said...

I think you looks cute! Congrats on finishing your apron. I am so intimidated by my sewing machine it just sits in my garage. Ugh.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

You are too funny...glad I found your blog today! The apron is so cute.....I love to wear aprons, and I'm a 'larger size woman'...hummm...(did I write that down?)
Take care and I look forward to following your adventures.

Janean said...

just seeing you laugh that hard was so worth any "flour sack" feeling you (and only you) may have felt.

Kay-The Rustic Cottage said...

I think that your apron is adorable!!! I love the pattern. Where did you get it? I don't look in the mirror when I'm wearing my aprons as they make me look more fluffy! But that's ok - I still wear one every day!

Renee said...

I made the same type apron and made a medium and it was HUGE too! I also used a pattern with chickens on it and one of the panels was cut so my chickens are up side down! Oh well, I love it anyways!!