Saturday, December 05, 2009

Hunkered down in West Michigan

Beau, waiting to get chained up

We woke yesterday to a foot of snow on the ground.
Our very 1st snowfall of the season and it was a whopper!
Continued to snow nearly all day long, so you can only imagine what I did!
I hunkered down.

Shrimp Fried Rice

1st...I began suppers meal preparations by cooking up a mess of rice and then spreading it out on a cookie sheet to cool and dry out.
You want cold, dry rice for your fried rice...otherwise it becomes a soggy mess.
Took the shrimp out of the freezer.
Defrosted a bag of carrots/peas.
And sent Farmboy to the grocers for some scallions! (cause I don't go out in this stuff)

I have been using a recipe for Fried Rice, from Pam over at For the Love of Cooking for several months now, and it is the BEST!
Not at all greasy, and easy-peasy too!
Yesterday I took it up a notch and added some raw shrimp as the main protein and it was SO good!

There WAS a nice sized container with leftovers that were SUPPOSED to be my lunch for today, but son got into it in the late night hours, and all I have left is the empty, dirty container in the sink.

Cranberry Orange Scones

It had been ages since I had made scones, and quite frankly, many of the recipes I have tried have been a bit on the too dry side.
Not these!
Moist and crumbly with just the right amount of sweetness, they were wonderful with my morning coffee yesterday.
I got the recipe out of my Cooks Illustrated Family Cookbook.
The down side of these scones is the recipe calls for 1 cup of heavy cream.
So....I only ate one of 'em.
And....I picked the smallest one.
So righteous of me, right?

Once again, my day is full of endless possibilities, and I am chompin' at the bit to get going.
Maybe today I will bake some Christmas cookies?
Or stitch up another apron from a doozie of a skirt I got at Goodwill?
Or make some chai tea concentrate I got the recipe for over here at Noble Pig?
Or make another batch of lye soap?
Maybe I will just do it all!!!

Then again, maybe I will do one or two of these, then spend the afternoon watching White Christmas and Holiday Inn!

What are YOUR weekend plans?

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cityfarmer said...

ahhhhh the weekend ...I feel so free ... ready to do whatever my little peapickn' heart desires...maybe I'll just sit and be ga-ga over the tree and the festive archways ...AND AND AND ...

my scone recipe also calls for heavy cream ...did u get get yours from me or viceversa?

Camille said...

Hi Cindy!

Sounds wonderful...ALL of it!! AND your snow is so pretty! Isn't God good??

I use a USA mailbox to get American mail at (I'm in Canada) and you sent your lovely flower seeds there for me. I picked them up yesterday...THANKS SO MUCH!!! You packaged them so sweetly too...

I've been meaning to ask...I like to reply to my blog comments using first names if you prefer me to call you "Cyn" or "Cindy"...I certainly don't want to be offensive...maybe you prefer "Farmgirl"?? Please let me know! Thanks!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Sounds Heavenly~enjoy you hibernating!

Six divided by two..... said...

oh I so want to come to Michigan... to play in the snow. I'm jealous!! We only had snow flurries. Enjoyed them anyway!! Have fun.. the rice looks delish!!

Anonymous said...

It's so pretty and such a good day to cook. your craneberry organe scones look heavenly.
You know we only got an 1/8 of inch- I measured. Maybe next week!

Joyce said...

Snow. Burr! I would watch those movies under a warm blanket and just relax today.

Laura said...

What a wonderful list of to do choices.

I am inspired. I think I will go make up several batches of pie crust.


Cheryl said...

Your weekend sounds great, I love the snow, still waiting for snow in central WI.

Rachel said...

We were only blessed with about an inch and a half of snow last night. It was so pretty this morning but is melting fast now.

You are keeping very busy! I have been making vegetable soup, and also cooking a pot roast, so the house is smelling great right now!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Wow, look at the beautiful snow! Thou shalt not covet!

The scones look amazing, too.

We are headed to a fire department Christmas party with all the kiddos. I hope it won't be too stressful.

I took three of the kids to a craft fair today and they enjoyed making tons of amazing crafts (well two of them had fun, my oldest found out it wasn't his thing). Church tomorrow and perhaps snow!

Maria said...

Hi Cindy!
It snowed here too! Our first 'real' snow of the season~

Your dinner looks great ... and your scones ... I want one!
Love the chai recipe...
it's one of my favorite hot drinks... I have a can of condensed milk...gotta try that recipe!
What a pretty post she made to show the chai ready for gifting!
Have a cozy weekend~ Maria

Stone Bridge Farm said...

Oh my goodness! We only had a dusting here in SE Ohio. No offense...but I'm glad it went north of me.=0P


Dawn said...

No snow here in snow country.
Imagine that!
This time last year the snow was half way up our windows!!!!

YOU enjoy the snow.

Jenna said...

We got a few inches of snow here, and the younger ones were thrilled! It makes barn chores a WHOLE lot longer and harder for me, but I think that it is pretty:)

This weekend we worked in the barn, than put Christmas decorations up in the house, cleaned a bit and made soup, biscuits and apple bread. Today we're having Church in the Kitchen and getting a couple goats back from a friend!!

Have a blessed day,

p.s. the scones look delectable!!!

Donna said...

Holey moley! That is a whopper of a first snowfall! We got a couple of inches and it was beautiful for the few hours that it lasted, LOL.

Can you send some of that energy my way? I think I could use a jolt, LOL. Love fried rice, so I would have been digging in at your house. Our little rice cooker is about 25 years old and it is one of the best investments we ever made in a kitchen appliance!

christschild said...

How beautiful the snow is...wish it would snow like that here:) Maybe soon! Have a blessed day.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Cyn,
My you did get some snow! This was such a warm post to read, I always enjoy visiting you, cause I know there is going to be a great recipe here in your kitchen, or you are going to be doing something that is so cool. You always challenge me to get off the couch and get moving.

Hope your week is filled with many blessings, and I don't blame you for not getting out in the snow, unless it is to throw a snowball. lol

Renata said...

That snow looks just lovely!
My family enjoy fried rice as well - a fun & easy meal that satisfies everyone!
Hope you had a great rest of your weekend!

PS I hope it's alright that I add you to my blogroll -if there's a problem just leave a comment on my post.

Anonymous said...
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A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

I think you got more snow than we did! Wow. I'm going to have to check out that chai recipe. That's one of our family faves. My friend Nikki and her husband (the one from Sri Lanka) make it from scratch too...Yum, think I'll make a cup.

KimT said...

Man, I think you are me in a parallel universe, you do all the things I wish i were doing. I love all the holiday movies, the cooking and baking you do. I want to be like you when I grow up!

Anonymous said...

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