Saturday, January 30, 2010

Going Green

Spinach Apple Pear Green Smoothie

NO! Not THAT kind of "green"!
Tho I try to do my part in keeping our little corner of the earth nice and clean, what I'm talking about here is what I had for breakfast this morning!

A couple of weeks ago my friend and neighbor Michelle did a post on green smoothies, and how wonderful they are.
And since my appetite is still not what it used to be, I thought I would give one a try.
Following Michelle's instructions I put a cup of water in my blender and tossed in three handfuls of raw baby spinach. Blend till smooth.
Add 1 peeled and cored apple and 1 peeled and cored pear.
A bit of ice to keep it cold and blend.
It makes a LOT.
I drank 2 cups and there is another cup in the fridge for later.
Not too sweet, not too spinachey.
Just right.
Maybe tomorrow it will be a blueberry green smoothie?

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debylynne said...

for real. i'm gearing up to do a fruit and veggie type "fast". this would be a perfect addition. i'm so glad you are "functioning" better, dear girl.

Camille said...

WOW!!! How great that you took the plunge! It sounds yummy ~ I love the pear/apple combo and spinach is a favourite...I'm sure it will help in the recovery process too. What a wonderful neighbour Michelle is! :)


Janie B said...

That sounds both delicious and healthy! I love it! Hope you feel better soon.

Donna said...

Um, I think my face is turning green right now... But I'm glad that you like it! It takes a while to get your appetite back. The pain pills can do that to you.

cindy said...

No Way would I drink that concoction.What do you chase it with? Yuck!

Karen@Mignardise said...

You sure are brave to have such a breakfast!

Hope you're feeling better a bit each day.

Melodie said...

That does sound yummy and it is a pretty green,not a scary green!

Maria said...

Hi Cindy!
How are you?!

~ ~ ~
I saw a young lady with Dr. Oz showing the audience how she makes a green smoothie...
your ingredients seem much more appetizing... This one looks pretty nice!

Hoping you're getting better every day!

KathyB. said...

Now the ingredients all together sound appetizing..I am hesitant about trying this, but I will take your word this is good. It sounds like a smoothie that will really hit the spot in the summer, I am still in hot coffee and tea moods. I do love spinach though.

Accidental Huswife said...

Hey Cyn! I haven't been around in a while but your site is looking fantastic! I'm a big green smooth fan too!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Great job on taking the plunge with green smoothies! Barely taste the spinach right? Tastes very good! Right?

I dare anyone who thinks this tastes awful to just give it a try, and if you are extra scared, throw in a banana and you will only taste sweet fruit! Promise, or I'll give you your money back! ;-)

You'll love the blueberry one too, just not such a pretty green. I'm drinking mine right now, Red leaf lettuce and apple! Delish! Don't forget to vary your greens if you do this everyday!

Janean said...

seriously the spinach doesn't overpower the fruit?

Maybe you need a little RAW HONEY??? hum? lol.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Cyn,
Seems like forever since I have visited, as I have been down but not out myself, even though I felt like it.
lol. I am so glad to see you are able to get up and about, I haven't reached that point yet.
this juice drink that you shared is one I have tried and it was tasty. I have gotten away from juicing, and I was a lot healthier when I was juicing. Thanks for the reminder today.
I got a kick of the pic. of you laying on your tummy, just today I was thinking "if I don't get off my but it is going to be so big."
I have enjoyed going back and reading some of your previous post, not enjoying your pain and circumstance, just relating so much.
I will continue to pray.

Sandra said...

Well it looks pretty enough! I'm just not brave enough to try the spinach yet, even though I've heard that it is really good in smoothies!

Rachel said...

That looks good! I love spinach!

I'm glad you are doing better after the knee replacement. I knew it wouldn't be an easy thing at first, but it gets better as time goes by! At least for the folks I know that have had them!